Thursday, March 05, 2015

How things work and an insight

My mind of times wanders to a state, where I am startled. I was planning out my schedule on how much time I should spend on blogs and etc. I often get swayed with the extremity of the behaviour, or of laze. So when I was busy organizing my life, I outlined how much of my time I should invest on the blog/s and watching Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge & Sineady Cady.

I am intrigued at how ideas come to me, I have a plan for month but then I get diverted to something ‘in vogue’. But I have to admit, I look for ideas in current Magazines. I keep a journal of what all I’m applying (skincare) the following week, beforehand. And I keep a track of how my skin reacts to everything and anything.
When I recurred to blogging, I had decided not to review Skincare. When I was reading Skincare product reviews before trying anything, nothing much was helping. But then, I wouldn’t mind if the product is exceptionally fine. Hence, I decided to put up pages from my Skin Journal.
Here are few things I would like to put forth on how I program updating the blog.

I plan and schedule
I am a firm believer in planning and organizing, I don’t just jump into things that deserves my time and attention. Hence I plan for the week or month before hand. I’ve decided not to rush for things that are in for long haul. You know what I mean here, I’m a snail.

Unused or Disliked Products
This happens most of the times, I buy something new and then I forget it. It just stays there unopened and brand new waiting to catch my attention. But then it disheartens me to throw away or discard something I’ve bought with much hope. So I have planned a limit of buying stuff, to control the wastage. For instance, I won’t exceed 2-3 opened mascaras on my vanity.
So that I do justice to what I spend for and keep check on how much I spend too. Keeping a track of stuff and their expiry or discard dates, I certainly like hand written documentations.
My real challenge and devotion lies in making a certain product/shade work.

Makeup & Makeup Looks
These come out of the blue for me. In the year 2013-2014, I made two folders in my laptop FOTDs & Makeup 2014 clicking all the little bits of makeup variations I tried during the ‘learning’ process. I did makeup back then everyday because I was learning and being practical at the same time. This is the only unforeseen element of the blog, sometimes.

How do I proceed

When I went back to the old posts and drafts, I found most of them were really fillers for the quality I was looking. So I got rid of them all and decided to keep only those fit the bill.
47 blog posts. 3 years. So I decided to blog twice a week, and more if I need frequent breaks from reading/studying. Makeup and Blogging have been my resort from everything else in my life that if not would be living under a rock. Not many know the relationship I have with makeup.

Blog postings
I draft them first using the pointers I jot down before sleeping sometimes memos in the phone works too. And moreover, T and I discuss a lot about how things work for her and for me. We exchange samples, we recently exchanged Makeup primers and Biotique lotions. (MAC sample jars come real handy)
I draft them in Word files and rewrite them before posting, twice. I find most of the times; I tend to write too many things at once. I make sure I keep my posts compact, and to the point. This has been so far a real challenge for me. I want to add as much information I could and have experience with certain Makeup product.
I decided to put all these plans into one post since I do not like to deviate from the origin of the post/review. I think in the coming months, I am going to trying laying ahead everything I’ve learn so far, and still in the process.

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