Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Turnabout Chapter in switching Cruelty-Free

And I french kissed Winnie Cooper under the bleachers of 4th of july fireworks.
Things were changing.

Remember Kevin's voice-over in Season 4 of first episode?
The Wonder Years has to be my favorite coming of age series apart from Heartbreak high (I watched when I was 11 and restricted) and Dawson's Creek.

The Course had really begun unconsciously; I always favored certain kind over the ones laced with fanciness.
The conclusion of turning cruelty-free was not and is still not really easy. I was unsure of the temptations I will have to over throw. Nobody’s forcing me nor am I trying to convert people into buying Cruelty-Free. Back in the day I actually followed the cult. But now I restrict buying Chinese products, fireworks and all those things that lay any Child's labors.
I had to take my stance and proceed with practicality.
Things were changing.
My primal fear lied in parting with certain products and slim pickings of Cruelty-Free Makeup. I was not strictly Cruelty-Free then but chose them over the others.

How did I make a change in turning Cruelty-Free?
I abstained myself from buying any new products and concentrating on using all that I already have.
I will be discarding them with time, making room for more cruelty-free products. And now certainly I am going for paraben free, vegan and cruelty-free options. I am trying to really narrow down the options to the best I can.

Why Paraben Free and Vegan?
I was reading about Parabens, researching rather while I came across a Research Thesis by Ragnhild L. Aarflot where he initiated an instance that hormonally related diseases like Breast, Prostrate and testicular cancer, diabetes, obesity and reproductive disorders can be caused by prolonged effect of Parabens happened orally, dermally or by inhalation. My skin is prone to pigmentation and this has been  recently noticed. And to add it is due to hormonal imbalance, I am trying to take measures to see the effects of ceasing dermal exposure to paraben. I have been noticing my moods and state of mind as well. I would like any inputs if anyone knows more about them as well.

Reorganizing and Planning
I have shortlisted the brands and the products I would try and substitute with the ones I wanted to try. I want to get few more YSL Rouge Volupte but I am trying to find substitutes for them as well.
Over the age, I have been more profound towards Life and everything else. I have been putting more thought into everything that I am a part of and moreover even with those things that hold less importance seem equally important now. I have accepted and adapted to the change as easily as I could.

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  1. Even i am more into cruelty free products but then there are good brands that are testing on animals! Lovely write up dear!


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