My Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Journey

I was disheartened to see that 90% of my vanity had products tested on animals. The year 2014 was of experimenting with different brands and products for me, which certainly withheld the ethics of using cruelty-free products. My plan for 2015 is to flip the figures to 90% cruelty-free products on my table.

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I am re-enlisting the brands I want to try and those I should avoid. The change is gradual, even in its initial stages. I am convinced of the temptations I would have to refrain from all the brands that have ascended my wish list. (I'll stick to Base products from MAC, till I get hold of cruelty-free brands)
Sometimes, I would bow out and get my lusted lipsticks, I wish to own. (oh ebbing vanity!)

I am certain of missing out on my till date favourite products that I stated would be repurchased.
With the availability and meagreness of cruelty-free brands/products in India, how long will I uphold my cruelty-free ethics is questionable. 
Initially, I tried keeping my skincare products as much as cruelty-free but with makeup, it is definitely not attainable.
I have most non-cruelty-free brands bought in the past, I would not cease using the products I already have. I would explore cruelty-free brands that are already easily available henceforth. I would keep updating this space with the list of cruelty-free brands and products.

I am taking this route to be completely cruelty-free for innocent lives (animals) are more important to me than following brand or preference inclinations. I agree biomedical researches and drug testing are carried out on animals and medicines, is obligatory. I settled to uphold the cruelty-free ethics because I can and believe I should. I consider my converted ethics as a significant input as compassionate approach towards animals. I firmly believe that every living being has an equal right to live.

I wish my considerable step of turning cruelty-free will be helpful for someone in some way.

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