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Monday, June 19, 2017

Messy Hair, Bold brows, Nerd Glasses Makeup | Two Makeup Looks to Wear With Glasses

I have been wearing glasses since I was 11, and glasses weren't stylish back then. I shied away from wearing them and switched to contacts as soon as my ophthalmologist recommended them. I never preferred glasses unless it was a necessity where makeup was out of the question and eye makeup was not even a choice!

I prefer wearing glasses these days and coordinating my makeup and clothing. Just these geeky nerdy glasses.

I never found an eyewear that fits right or looks good on my small face. I am much amused to pair bold brows with glasses. To be honest, this isn't the usual nerdy; this is just a basic wayfarer frame, the smallest I could hunt down.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow Pomade has me spaced out, and I tend to go overboard a lot! I am just wearing the Brow Pomade here in these pictures. I have asymmetrical brows; one is arched and thick and another is straight and sparse.

I took pictures of two looks I wear often, mostly in hurry. Bold brows, nerdy glasses and no-makeup makeup & bold brows paired with coordinated cheeks and lips. I abstained from wearing extremely bold opaque lipstick.

All I did was fill in the blanks using dip brow pomade.

In the picture above, I am wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation mixed with The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. I did set my T-zone with Kryolan Translucent Powder and bronzed-up my skin using Physicians Formula Bronzer. For lips, I smeared Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 7 to add a diffused coral warmth. I did skip blush and eye makeup except for mascara.

And lots of curling!

For hair, I did half up and half down and secured them with bobby pins.

makeup for glasses Bold Brows messy hai nerdy glasses makeup

Stripes and bright lips is one of my favourite combinations. Because I'd never wear red lipstick with solid black shirt. Never. Don't even ask me why?!

I have used a tinted lip balm instead of full blown opaque colour since I bronzed my cheeks and temples. For base, I am wearing a combination of MAC Matchmaster and Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum for medium coverage. I generously bronzed my side face in shape of three, added a little bronzer in the crease as well.  I applied mascara after lots of eyelash curling!
For cheeks and lips, I used the same product (shea butter + almond oil + Sleek Lip paint in Pinkini).
I have used this as lip and cheek tint, blending on the apples of my cheeks using a Beauty Blender. Precisely, I wanted diffused pink on the cheeks. I love wearing lipstick as blush.

makeup looks for women who wear glasses

I am listing my five favourite makeup tips and tricks for women who wear glasses:

Light coverage to avoid spectacle marks

I prefer light coverage foundation, and I cannot bear the layers—primer, foundation, concealer—unless I am taking photographs. In real, I prefer looking even instead of camouflaged. If you want to add coverage, adding a long wearing primer (and using eyeshadow primer on the bridge where glasses rest) and pressing the foundation into the skin works. Make sure to set your foundation and concealer in place before wearing glasses.

Brighten the under-eyes and add mascara

Eyes appear smaller through glasses. I make sure to curl my eyelashes at least twice before adding a layer or two of mascara. Do not build too much, as it can lead to streaks and smudges on glasse—skip lengthening mascara and switch to volumising one. I skip eyeliner altogether and tight line if need be or use an eyeshadow to elongate the shape of my eyes. Do not forget to brighten your under-eyes with illuminating concealer or finishing powder.

Subtle lips vs bold lips

I never experimented pairing bold lips with glasses. Perhaps, I am too meek to pair them and effortlessly carry it off. I would prefer subtly coloured lips for a natural look or bright tinted balms and glosses (blotted) any time.

Neutral eyeshadows

I cannot wear glittery sparkly colours on my eyelids when I am wearing glasses. Glasses and glittery eye makeup just throws me off balance; I mean that is not for me. All I do is prime my eyelids to even out the discolouration and add bronzer in the crease.

Bold, bolder, boldest

Now this is not the kind of drawing I prefer. I keep my shape natural and asymmetrical and draw on strokes with pomade or pencil, creating thin strokes of hair, mimicking the natural ones. Perfectly done symmetrical brows somehow look unnatural to me. At times I set my brows using just clear brow gel, or soap for hold, but most days pomade or pencil works just fine!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree! Makeup Look

When I thought about Christmas Tree, Green Gold Smokey Eyes paired with Red lips. I had to atone for the idea, since I couldn't think any better. I missed posting for the last prompt I was excited for, I cannot believe 2016 is less than 3 weeks away.
My favourite grey :D

Products Used:
Kryolan Supracolor in the shadeFS28
Kryolan Supracolor in the shade FS27 for Contouring
Sleek Blush in Flamingo

Coastal Scents Hotpot in S25 (foiled it on the lids)
NYX ES102 in Hawaiian Coffee in to the crease
Black Matte Eyeshadow in the outer V, to darken the Brown
Foiled a Golden Eyeshadow from Freedom Jewels and Romance Palette in the inner corner & on the Green eyeshadow
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
Lotus Colorkick Eyeliner in Black

Essence XXL Matte in Silky Red
*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Cranberry Sauce: Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye Makeup with Nude Lips

 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange

When the November Prompt of TheMakeupMixup had my attention, I perceived an image of a luscious Cranberry Glossy Lips. Just as seraphic,glazed and piquant as it suggests. Seraphic and Cranberry wouldn't get along, but that goes right as rain in mine.

Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange with Coastal Scents Revealed 2

I have a Cranberry Red Lip Liner by Maybelline assuming I don't have any Cranberry Shades. But when I opened my Coastal Scents Revealed Palette, I was delighted to find what I was looking.
I did a Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye makeup with a Pop of Champagne in the inner corner. I paired a soft Nude Glossy Lips with the look. Skipped the Blush, Contouring and everything rest. [I have been doing that a lot.]

I did my makeup and found my 70D battery wasn't charged so I re-embraced my old faithful Canon Ixus. And since it was cloudy, the pictures didn't turn out agreeable to my motif.

 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange  and Nude Lips: Minimal Base makeup for Cranberry Sauce The Makeup MixUp

Products Used:
 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange: Coastal Scents Revealed 2, Maybelline Dramagel Swirl eyeliner, Maybelline Lip polish in Glam7, Rimmel Stay Matte, Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara

For Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye Makeup:
I applied Maybelline Gel Eyeliner as a Base and layered a Matte Cranberry Eyeshadow.
Blended the edges seamlessly and Use a Taupe shade as my transition shade.
Over the Transition shade, I blended a Matte Black Eyeshadow creating a soft 'C' on the outer edges.
I blended the harsh edges with the Transition shade again since the base was gel based, I had a hard time blending it out before it sets.[ Maybe I should've had used UDPP instead.]
I added a Champagne Colour highlight the inner corners. The shimmer metallic finish balanced the Matte eyeshadow from making it look drab.
I blended the Cranberry shade in the outer half of my Lower eye and lined them with Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner.
Finished off with Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara.

For Nude Lips Lips:
I patted Maybelline Lip Polish/ Lip Elixir in Glam 7 with my ring finger.

That's it for Cranberry Sauce. I am stirred with the next prompt. I have an amazing, easy and a modest Tutorial to share. 

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup
A privy de rigueur blur opening image, you can laugh if you get that! =D

I Love Runway Makeup. I used to check MAC Cosmetics Instafeed with Graphic Eyeliners, Ombre Lips and Glitter Eyes. For Mod Mix, I wanted a fusion of the bygone decades & Contemporary techniques/makeup. I certainly figured, attempted Hepburn’s Crease-cut but that is for another day...

My Vanity is a mess; I can hardly find a thing. This weekend is reserved for arrangements, sorting and discarding. I still have Sephora Makeup Samples gah!
The Mod Mix is about Fresh Face: Minimal Makeup paired with the 60’s Crease-cut (that turned out bad.) I corrected my darkness under my eyes with NYX Concealer in medium and kept my face extremely minimal by buffing Rimmel Staymatte on my Face. Further, I applied Lightest Shimmery shade on my eyelid and black, the darkest for Crease. I layered the black using Noir from Sleek Au Naturel. Winged out using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and finished off using Bourjois Beautyfull Mascara.
I stippled NYX Cream Blush onto the Apples of my cheeks. And I finished off with a hint of same blush topped with Revlon Colorburst in Papaya.
I skipped Contouring & Highlighting too.

The Errors:
I couldn’t find Eyeshadow primer, any. So the eyeshadow creased.
I chose the wrong lid base, the pigmentation is fine but it creased and you will see that below.

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

For Face:
NYX Beyond Concealer in Medium under the eyes
Stay Matte Powder in Sandstorm

For Cheeks:
NYX Cream Blush

For Lips:
Revlon Colorburst in Papaya with a hint of Cream Blush

For Eyes:
Coastal Scents Revealed Sampler

Darn! That was minimal!
I certainly will love to recreate the same look correcting my mistakes, soon! =)

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Pumpkin Spice: Copper Smokey Eyemakeup and Berry Lips for TheMakeupMixUp

Copper Smokey Eyemakeup, Berry Pink Lips, Berry Pink Lipsticks for Fall

I had few things in my mind; this is probably my third attempt. And I’d say this turned out the best of them. Last week when I was working on Matte makeup look, I accidentally wore an Orange-Coral blush and a Coral Lipstick. The makeup was extremely minimal, just diffused coral on cheeks and lips.
I was saving that look for Pumpkin Spice, but I wanted an eye makeup to go with Coral Lips. I wanted the festive mood to break in.
I chose Copper Smokey Eye makeup paired with Berry Lipstick with Purple undertone. I almost assumed I didn’t have Fall/Autumn Lip colours. The Eyeshadow finish is metallic, so I skipped Highlighter and kept the rest of my face Matte. And used a Gorgeous Coral Blush.
This look is not something I’d wear during the day or even for a casual day. I’d probably wear this for a Wedding or something alike.

Easy Copper Smokey Eye makeup

Also, I kept my base extremely light. I concealed wherever needed over the CC cream. I paired a Berry Pink/Magenta Lace Tank with this. My tank matched the Lipstick. I know I've been repeating a lot of products, but few colours from the Sleek Palettes are my go-to transition colours.

And I am too tired to list the steps. Here are the Products I used:

For Face:
Bourjois CC cream
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte in Sandstorm

Copper Smokey Eyemakeup Tutorial and Contouring Using Sleek Face Contour Kit

For Cheeks:
Contoured using  Sleek Contouring Palette
Kryolan Blush in TC1

For Lips:
Lancome Rouge in Love 351B as Lip Tint

Pumpkin Spice: Copper Smokey Eye and Berry Lips for TheMakeupMixUp

I have quite a few Corals appropriate for the theme, but I didn't want to make total 'pumpkin' out of myself. Now do I? :D

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Matte About You | Daytime Matte Makeup Tutorial for Indian Skin

I like Glitter, Shimmer and Frost!
I love Glitter Polishes...

When I first started experimenting with eye makeup, I found Matte eyeshadows were easier to blend. But then I experimented with different textures and boy! I was wrong. Mattes are difficult to work with, given the fact that if you over blend and don't blend seamlessly they often look muddy and blotchy. Like they just sit there, looking right back at you from the mirror. Not funny.
I prefer matte in the crease, no doubt but Satin works best if you just started with the trials. [I just mistyped Satan... :D]
I went a bit overboard with Contouring and warming up my complexion a little bit. I am a little under the weather and my complexion is sallow and my nose swollen. I shy away from brown based makeup overall, assuming I would end up looking I had a mud fight. I was wrong, again.

Something is in my brow :D ignore.

So here, I broke all my assumptions into a certain possibility. A Matte Daytime Makeup featuring Browns.

I love experimenting with placements of eyeshadows into the crease and outer corners. So Crease it is today. Also, I used MAC Prolongwear Concealer in Nw40 for Contouring. I cannot find any other use for this one, my circles are gone and I don't feel the need for correction anymore. And I dislike the fact that this is very, very dark. Impulsive purchase when I had panda circles.

For Face:

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation. You can check my review here.
Rimmel Stay Matte in Sandstorm
MAC Prolong Wear Concealer in NW40

For Eyes:
I used these three colours from Sleek Au Naturel Palette.
The Buff colour with an orange tone is exactly the shade of my eyelids. I skipped using Transition Eyeshadow today and just deepened my crease with this Matte warm Brown eyeshadow.
Lotus Color kick Eyeliner. [Love this, review here.]
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara.

Contoured with MAC Prolongwear Concealer
Bourjois Blush in Cendre De Rose Brune

Colorbar Velvet Matte in Bare blotted to a dry matte finish.

That's for it. I filled in my brows and cut off some time doing my hair. Next time, I'll work on my hair, for sure.
Does it look matte flat? Let me know in the comments below! =)
*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Green with Envy: Golden Olive Eyes & Muted Coral-Orange Lips Makeup Tutorial

Green with Envy: Golden Olive Eyes & Muted Coral-Orange Lips Makeup Tutorial

I am enamoured of Gold Eyeshadows, I cannot get over them. I am planning to customise a palette from Inglot for I am love-struck.  *.*
I have this Moss Green in Sleek Acid Palette, which if worn alone looks magnificent. But I had something Gold infused Olive Green Eyeshadow in my mind. And I don’t have any...
So I decided to mix eyeshadows to create the colour I want. Voila!
My very own Olive Gold Eyeshadow: Muted Gold from MUA palette + Moss Green from Sleek.
I have been mixing lipsticks, but this would be my first attempt at mixing compact eyeshadows.
Here is the breakdown of Tutorial; I’ll explain the best I can.

golden olive smokey eye tutorial in India, Makeup Tutorial

For Face:
MAC Matchmaster in 5.0, applied with fingers and buffed using a buffing brush.
MAC Prolong wear in NC42 for acne marks that are still healing & Under the eyes.
Kryolan Fixing powder in P4 dusted lightly for setting the base makeup.

For Golden Olive Eyes:
Applied the Moss Green mixed with Muted gold on the brush on the entire eyelid.
I layered both the colours till I got the desired intensity of both.
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Taupe in the crease, following my natural crease. Both the eyeshadows blended well.
Matte Black eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette used for smoking out the outer V of my eyelid. My left eye is more hooded than the right one. I decided to follow the natural hood for both the eyes.
Lined my eyes to elongate them with Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner, skipped my signature wing this time.
I also decided to skip my usual Volumizing Mascara and used Rimmel Extra Lash Mascara for lengthening instead. I wanted to wear falsies but they feel heavy and uneasy as of now.

For Cheeks:
Contoured my Cheeks and Nose with Sleek Contouring Palette in Light.
Highlighted my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose using Highlighter from the Palette.
Blush: Sleek Rose Gold.

For Lips:
MAC See Sheer.

Sleek Acid Palette MUA Heaven and Earth Kryolan Derma Color Fixing Powder Sleek Contouring Palette in Light MAC MAtch MAster MAC Prolong Wear NC42 NYX Single Eyeshadow in Taupe MAC See Sheer in India

I am mixing eyeshadows more now, and the love for Muted Gold is everlasting. =)
The makeup of the Day/Face of the Day clicking was extremely fun this time. I am falling in Love with my Canon 70D each passing day and the remote is a blessing!

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Friday, September 04, 2015

Frugal Flair: Soft Gold and Coral Makeup Tutorial with Drugstore Makeup Brands available in India

The spirit of review is alleviating, exclusively when...never mind. For me...For me...

There are many products that could have been up here, basking in either glory or lowliness. [I am harsh, right.]
I cannot overcome the sinfulness of reaching out for something one moment and devaluing the next.
So I have been keeping certain products aside to use them more often. I am trying to add them to my casual/daily makeup or occasional as well.

Soft Gold and Coral Makeup Tutorial with Drugstore Makeup Brands available in India
After Purples, Khaki Green and Neutral eye shadows; I am warped with Hues of Golds and Coral medley. I personally think the Coral elevates the splendour of the Gold, exclusively with brown eyes.
Moreover, I love the coalescence of Browns, Corals, and Golds in one look, and this one was perfected in Ten minutes.

NYX above and beyond full coverage concealer in medium MUA Heaven & Earth Palette Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner Rimmel Stay matte in the shade 004 Sandstorm Revlon Streetwear Lipstick in Pink Persuasion The Body Shop Vit E Cool BB Cream In India

The other day, I was going to meet a friend and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere just some casual place. So I decided to squeeze in my Frugal Flair Look for the day. Considering it was daytime, I pretty much decided to unify my loved colours in their most muted forms. This look would even look great to wear in the mornings if paired with a dewy base. I ran out of my moisturiser, so I am using The Body Shop Vit. E Cool BB cream. I loathe the muddy results with this one if I go overboard. I am strictly using this as a moisturiser and base for my compact. Bourjois CC cream is not hydrating enough for my current state of skin. Since I skipped foundation and used NYX Above and Beyond Full coverage concealer for correcting. Rimmel Stay matte is yellow toned warm and it emphasises the shadows on the sides of my nose and mouth. [Why is it so difficult to find neutral undertoned Drugstore product in India?]

Against Light

~ I concealed my under eye circles and dark shadows around my mouth with the NYX above and beyond full coverage concealer in medium. [Orange tone corrects at once]
~ Applied NYX cream blush, lightly in patting motions with fingers.
~ I applied a muted Gold colour on the eyelid and a shimmery brown into the crease from MUA Heaven & Earth Palette.
~ Lined my eyes with Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner and coated my eyelashes generously with Bourjois Beautyfull Mascara.
 ~ I set my makeup with Rimmel Stay matte in the shade 004 Sandstorm.
~ On well-hydrated lips, I adjusted the intensity of Revlon Streetwear Lipstick in Pink Persuasion.
Mute enough to match the Gold eyeshadow on the eyelids.

Frugal Flair: Soft Gold and Coral Makeup Tutorial with Drugstore Makeup Brands available in India
Soft Gold and Coral Makeup
That’s for the effortless Gold and Coral Makeup look. And there are variations to happen soon.

I am using the sidelined products to my heart’s content only to replace them with Cruelty-Free replacements and to free some space in my vanity. [I don’t like too (two) many things at the same time.]
Adding frugality to your makeup:
Double up the lipstick as blush, that sometimes look really co-ordinated.
Use eyeshadow as a Highlighter and Dark brown eye shadow with grey undertone for contouring.

*Pictures clicked with Canon Ixus in bright daylight. I have cropped the images and adjusted the exposure.
 *All the brands used are available in India.
*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

There is this thing about spring; everything is bright bathed in a golden hue. I dislike winter, I find a disparate solace in spring when there is a still winter’s chill in the air bracing the warmth of the spring.
A Transition...

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

What inspired my eye makeup?

Pastel Wash of Colour
Robustness of a Brown eye shadow
and the periphery of the Black wing eyeliner

I wore this look in the late afternoon when I went to the Lotus counter, and I paired this with a Coral Pink polished lips. The eye shadow and the lipstick complement each other and are somewhat similar. At first I assumed, it would look absurd, but it did not. I used 4 eyeshadows: Ribbon, Pamper, The Mail and Boxed from Sleek Oh so Special.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

Here is how I did my Pastel Coral Pink eye makeup:

~ Created a base using NYX eye shadow base in white 
~ Applied and blended Pamper all over the lid for Ribbon as a base lid colour
~Packed Ribbon on the eye lid, use it wet if you find it difficult to apply.
~Blended Boxed into 3/4th of crease from the outer corner of the eye, you can create a ‘V’ if you like
~I blended it well, almost because I wanted the robustness of brown to peek through the colour & application technique.
~I blended the edge of Boxed with a mixture of The Mail and Pamper.
~ Finally I added Bow under the eyebrow.
~ Winged it out keeping the edges sharp as I intended.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup
Products used to create Pastel Coral Pink Eye makeup

I kept the Base for makeup, extremely light. A pump of MAC Match Master set with MAC Mineralize Natural Skin Finish. I added a soft Rose Pink Blush by NYX in Peach, skipped Bronzer & highlighter.
For the Lips, I applied Rimmel London Kate Moss Spring Collection #16, a soft Pink with a hint of coral topped with a clear gloss. This Pink Lipstick brings out the yellow in my skin which I like, I fancy the illusion.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup
inanely raised my brows for the Transition to be visible

Coming to Transition, I wanted to create a transition of colours and undertones on the eyes.
A Neutral Coral Pink Pastel ~ Warm Matte Brown ~ A mixture of Pamper and The Mail, both Cool and Neutral Undertone and A Cool White with a hint of Pink under the eyebrow.
All this and a wearable Day time Look, I have two more ideas I fancy to put into action.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.”
And I conclude, Makeup is an interpretation likewise. =)

P.S. I discovered a great tip to neutralize/cover the dark or pigmented eyelids without concealer or foundation. I have pigmentation on my eyelids, certainly not easy to make eye shadows work.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Inspired: Bright Orange Lips and Purple Eyemakeup

Spring Inspired: Bright Orange Lips and Purple Eyemakeup

The Blog has been steering clear of Makeup Looks or Face of the Day. Well I'm breaking all the rules.
I have had this Maybelline Color Tattoo in 20. Painted Purple, free stuff on some unnoted amount.
I wore it just once, but with the onset of Spring I had a look panned out in my head. But the end result turned out better!
Since this is a Day Time Spring Makeup, I kept it simple, subtle and refrained from 'smoking' out the edges.
I wanted to do something 'warm cheery yet mindful' look. I have seen Purple & Pink combinations, all the time. I really wanted to try Bright Orange and Purple and make it look wearable. I would not dare to wear a medium to full coverage foundation, as I did in this look.

How to do Spring inspired eyemakeup with Bright Orange Lips and Purple Eyemakeup

For Face:
MAC Prolongwear Foundation (sample) in NC42 ( it is too warm/yellow on me)
MAC Skin finish Natural in Medium Golden

For Cheeks:
Kryolan TC1 (Orange) Blush
Sleek Contour Kit in Light

Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick in Pink Persuasion  Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya Punch

For  Lips:
Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick in Pink Persuasion
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya Punch

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple, Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner

For Eyes:
NYX Eye shadow Base in White
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple
A Purple Eyeshadow from Sleek Acid
Crease Blending Colour, Highlight and Eye brow Highlighter from Coastal Scents Revealed2
Maybelline Colossal Liner
Bourjois Beauty Full Volume  Mascara + Rimmel Extra Super Lash

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 India. Spring Inspired Bright Orange and Purple Makeup

I started off by priming my eyelids and letting the base set for a minute. I went over the entire eyelid with Maybelline Color Tattoo and blended the harsh edges.
I blended as soon as I applied the eye shadow. I blended the Purple eye shadow from Sleek Acid into the crease.
To add a transition, I used the marked Brown Colour and blended seamlessly above the Purple.
I added the Highlighter in the inner corner and used a Matte Highlighter for eyebrows.
I used a card for the first time to map out my wing, I prefer the freedom. I kept the wing subtle and non dramatic, extending it to 1/4th of my lower lash line to add an illusion of elongation.
And then did rest of my face.

I am planning on doing more wearable colourful eye makeup looks for the spring and summer. =)

P.S.  Pardon my ungroomed eyebrows.