Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair washing musings: Backward washing, No Shampooing and Co-washing.

Hair washing musings: Backward washing, No Shampooing and Co-washing.
Volume One: #Backward Washing
I have Oily Scalp and considerably morbid Dry ends. The search for my holy-grail shampoo or conditioner is never ending. In the course, I have been trying different brands but this time, I tricked my hair into backward washing.
I have tried Soap pod and Soap nut mixture for cleansing which works fine but I am a soft-feeling hair addict.
My trick to bouncy, happy and shiny hair: Backward Washing.
Backward Washing is technique where you condition your Hair first and then Shampoo.
I have very, very Fine hair!
Backward Washing helps my Hair achieve that body.
No matter what Brand you use, try Backward Washing once!

I am currently using Sunsilk Thick & Strong, Shampoo & Conditioner duo.
I like the Shampoo; it actually does make my Hair thick to touch. *.*
Plus the Pink coloured Bottle and Tube looks so chic! 0_*

#Beauty Tip
P.S. Tried Backward Washing today, to kill Monday Morning Blues :D
And Eureka! Made a Blogpost out of it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Shade gone wrong ~ Fixing Wrong Shade Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Have you ever bought a Liquid Foundation or a Tinted Moisturizer that mismatches you skin tone even after trying at the counter/store?

I have!
Always a shade or two darker.
I was desperate to try Biotique Tinted Moisturizer.
There were no testers available at Health and Glow store.
So I happily bought the Rose variant, assuming it has to do with the fragrance rather than the tint. It was much of a disappointment not to experiment. It wouldn't suit, even under Sun block or Foundation.

I tried setting it with an Ivory Compact/A shade lighter than your skin tone. It evened out and looked natural. Since the Tinted Moisturizer is a bit heavier on my normal skin, I like mattifying the dewiness with a compact. I do like the dewiness of this Tinted moisturizer though.
I top a layer of the compact dusting with Blusher brush on top of the Tinted moisturized skin. And Voila! It works fine.
How do you fix wrong shade errors?

#Beauty Tip