About Makeup Discourse

Makeup Discourse is an offshoot of my affinity towards makeup. I use this space to reflect, reject, re-adapt either a preference or disinclination towards anything related to makeup, a beauty-makeup journal of sorts. Regardless, consider this space personal.

Why Beauty Blogging?

I first started blogging in 2009, with my interest in skincare. I deleted the blog in a spur of the moment because I wanted to concentrate on academics. I returned to blogging, after I was convinced that blogging is my escapism.

My interest in makeup sparked with my two aunts, who had a certain kind of affection for lipsticks. And I, for that matter, had a favourable impression of makeup, as I was raised by them. My interest deepened with Beautification with Ruby & Millie, a makeup-based show that I would tune into every week on Discovery's Travel and Living.
The very best statement I could initiate is I fancy makeup. I have been peculiar about skincare, restricting it to cleansing, toning and moisturising. I have been a convert since the day I discovered the truth about makeup. I love the idea of accentuating one's features using makeup.

And being a critical reader, I apply the same sanity to my makeup-trial runs.

Who am I?
A true non-conformist.
Metaphysics, semiotics, birds, animals and galaxies electrify me.

Skin Profile:
Skin tone: medium neutral
Face shape: oval/oblong
Skin type: normal/ combination with sensitivity
Skin afflictions: pigmentation and occasionally, redness
Acne prone: no [only with increase in humidity]

Hair Profile:
Hair type: thin, fine hair with oily scalp
Treated: Only to Colour, Cysteine
Length: below shoulder
Hair afflictions: split ends, dandruff and lack of volume

Camera used for Blog: Canon Ixus 510HS & Canon 70D with 18-135mm or 50mm STM lens.

Lights: warm white artificial lights and bright daylight (always), I avoid using fluorescent white lights.