Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

There is this thing about spring; everything is bright bathed in a golden hue. I dislike winter, I find a disparate solace in spring when there is a still winter’s chill in the air bracing the warmth of the spring.
A Transition...

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

What inspired my eye makeup?

Pastel Wash of Colour
Robustness of a Brown eye shadow
and the periphery of the Black wing eyeliner

I wore this look in the late afternoon when I went to the Lotus counter, and I paired this with a Coral Pink polished lips. The eye shadow and the lipstick complement each other and are somewhat similar. At first I assumed, it would look absurd, but it did not. I used 4 eyeshadows: Ribbon, Pamper, The Mail and Boxed from Sleek Oh so Special.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup

Here is how I did my Pastel Coral Pink eye makeup:

~ Created a base using NYX eye shadow base in white 
~ Applied and blended Pamper all over the lid for Ribbon as a base lid colour
~Packed Ribbon on the eye lid, use it wet if you find it difficult to apply.
~Blended Boxed into 3/4th of crease from the outer corner of the eye, you can create a ‘V’ if you like
~I blended it well, almost because I wanted the robustness of brown to peek through the colour & application technique.
~I blended the edge of Boxed with a mixture of The Mail and Pamper.
~ Finally I added Bow under the eyebrow.
~ Winged it out keeping the edges sharp as I intended.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup
Products used to create Pastel Coral Pink Eye makeup

I kept the Base for makeup, extremely light. A pump of MAC Match Master set with MAC Mineralize Natural Skin Finish. I added a soft Rose Pink Blush by NYX in Peach, skipped Bronzer & highlighter.
For the Lips, I applied Rimmel London Kate Moss Spring Collection #16, a soft Pink with a hint of coral topped with a clear gloss. This Pink Lipstick brings out the yellow in my skin which I like, I fancy the illusion.

Spring Inspired: Pastel Coral Pink and Brown Eyemakeup
inanely raised my brows for the Transition to be visible

Coming to Transition, I wanted to create a transition of colours and undertones on the eyes.
A Neutral Coral Pink Pastel ~ Warm Matte Brown ~ A mixture of Pamper and The Mail, both Cool and Neutral Undertone and A Cool White with a hint of Pink under the eyebrow.
All this and a wearable Day time Look, I have two more ideas I fancy to put into action.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.”
And I conclude, Makeup is an interpretation likewise. =)

P.S. I discovered a great tip to neutralize/cover the dark or pigmented eyelids without concealer or foundation. I have pigmentation on my eyelids, certainly not easy to make eye shadows work.


  1. Love the look.....ur looking very pretty... :)

  2. You hav ebeautiful eyes dear.. loved this subtle coral eye makeup! :)

  3. You look stunningggg, Pranali :*


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