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Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner: First Impression and a haul

Schwan! (learn about it later in the post)

Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner: First Impression and a haul

I went to the nearest Lotus Herbals counter and was disappointed not to find the Colorkick Curved Eyeliner. But I really wanted to kowtow the 'Cruelty-Free' conclusion here. I wanted to start adding C-F products to my vanity.
And Lotus Lipsticks ascended the list, so I wanted to find an orange lip colour for summer and something coral-ish pink and I wanted to narrow one down from the newly launched shades. I got Lotus Whiteglow Gel Creme- 20g free for purchasing above 1000inr.

I was disappointed!
T and I visited the Beauty Centre which is few blocks away from the Uni, and I found it there and oh-the-discount!
T picked up the Colorkick eyeliner which she will be reviewing soon ;)

It is pretty hot and sunny, like in summer already. I was in need of a sunblock for Body and a mattifying something too. Vichy isn't mattifying at all and I need something C-F. I tested this on the back of my hand at the counter yesterday and I was taken by the mattified finish.

~Biotique Bio Vera 75+ SPF Suncreen (for 180 inr, 148 with discount)
The smell is strong, the lotion makes the skin soft but the fragrance is overwhelming. Though it fades after application. (completely disappeared by now, after 2 hours.)

~Lotus UV Screen Mattegel PA+++ SPF 50 (for 395inr, 297 with discount)
I wish it provided cooling effect on skin. It made my normal/combination skin stretchy!, I think I will have to layer this onto Vichy. Hopefully this will make a decent primer too.

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors and Eco Stay Lipstick Carnation, Tangerine and Coral Candy
Tangerine, Carnation & Coral Candy
I picked up the Coral Candy 434 from the Lotus Eco-Stay range; Carnation & Tangerine from Pure Colors range.

~Lotus Eco-stay Coral Candy
(for 545inr)
A Coral undertone Pink? OR Blue based pink color with a hint of coral? I cannot elucidate the colour.
But its bright and summer appropriate.

~Lotus Pure Colors  Tangerine & Carnation (for 275inr each)
I applied Carnation today to test the staying power. I applied it in the morning and it was too warm for my neutral complexion, more like orange brown with hint of pink.
I blotted it several times to make it suitable for day & the place I visited. I applied Neutrogena Lip moisturizer thrice from 10-3, and it stayed on for 4 hours and then slowly faded. I had a hint of the lipstick when I came back. I like that it does not leave the tint behind, not it does look patchy while fading. I'm impressed.
Lotus Herbals Pure Colors and Eco Stay Lipstick Carnation, Tangerine and Coral Candy swatches
Coral Candy, Tangerine & Pink Carnation

Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner

~Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner (for 725inr, 617inr with discount
I did not expect this, I would avert jumping onto conclusions. You will see, won't you?
I tested the Eyeliner on the inner palm. I'm wondering about its staying part, I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow, out in sun and humidity. What I really want to see is, if it transfers to crease in humid climate, which is what happens with me most of the times.

Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner Review

It is definitely smudge free, once it dries. It take its own good time to dry, nor too slow nor too quick.
The tap test: It did not bleed under force of water, but it did smudge when I wiped it off.
This is priced for 725inr, I got this for 617inr, almost 100inr off from Beauty Centre, Crawford.

Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner review swatch and water test

Lakme Eyeconic, Ikonic Eyeliner & Lotus Colorkick have one thing in common, the manufacturing company: Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics GmbH & Co.KG, a Germany based manufacturer.
I have liked Eyeconic, not on the water line. It stings my eyes in summer, probably the heat. But then I do not like my waterline lined.
I'm testing the Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner tomorrow. I'm enthused. *.*


  1. Awesome haul....Ive tried the Lotus sunscreen...The smell is strong but it is quite effective at keeping tanning down... :)

  2. Loved ure Haul Babe! I am intrigued by the packaging...will wait for the rest of ure review! Looks really adorable :)


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