Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'm a turned impulse buyer

I never was until... I had to shop for stationery and I got lured with these all!
I wanted notebooks and post its, Pens and some crayons...for candles.
Now you don't want to see my stationery, do you?

And now, When I look at the retail therapy I'd this afternoon...

I honestly wanted to buy just Nivea Total cleanup but all the other were stray :P So I had to pick them up ;)

Reviews don't make me happy!
Trying does
-An impulse buyer, Idee. :P

I think I need a new vanity or atleast storage and ideas, lots of them. I'm out of space.



  1. that's an innocent haul ;) would love to see your stationary's too.. don't know y but I love the smell of new pages and totally drool on crayons :P
    Let us know more on the nivea clean up!

  2. oohh niceee :P
    i love stationery :P
    would love to see what u bought in that too :)
    n do share ur exoerience with the nivea clean up, and the l'oreal thingy :)


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