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Sunday, December 30, 2012

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I have learnt, Stubble is the way to win a woman’s heart.
See here.
But we live in the twenty-first century and not in the stone age. Who likes all hairy-beary Men anyway?
So what all could be done to make Men shave, sport a clean look?
Answers aren't that easy, Girls!

'How you would make men crave so that they get rid of their evening stubble'

Mock Him!
Though it sounds Rude, it will work for all good. I once asked my guy whether He shampoos his stubble as well with his hair instead of shaving. 'The-Look' he gave me back was victorious for me, because I met him the very next day sporting a clean look.

Gift him Shaving Essentials.
If your Guy is lazy and would skip having leading a unruly stubble on his cheeks.
Gift him shaving essentials, and remind him every time that would really get on his nerves.
And he'd shave everyday.

Drag him to Spas and Salon with you.
Book in the couple packages, drag him literally if he isn't willing. This way you can even keep an eye on him, if he's really ogling at the manicurist/pedicurist there. I don't mean literally invade his privacy, just pretend to be.

Ban the Stubble
Makes the rules clear, 'No stubble days' are must. And don't make the mistake to avoid him. Make it 'tit for tat', take him shopping with you. Nothing will make him avoid shaving again, believe me.

Be a Drama queen
Won't you be? Be a little more Dramatic, make him believe. Take clues from the K soaps, they are good at it. Hype it out!
Be more furious, show off your acting skills. Don't forget to kiss and makeup. Ah! the right time to make the fuss about the stubble.

5 Lines to make him remind, He really skipped Shaving today. ( Use at your own risk*)

1) Did you really didn't look at yourself in the mirror today? I mean really.

2) You could really use a Nose mask today, Babe.

3) If I could really scratch that scoundrel stubble from your cheeks,eh.

4) Ooh. Did you really drink that? Or your stubble did?

5) Believe me Baby, It'd take just a day for you to look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
P.S. Don't forget to *roll your eyes* while using these One Liners.

P.S.S. All the one liners and guidelines are tried and tested. *wink*

I don't really mean to hurt or intent to hurt anybody. This is a humourous post and should be taken and read from an humourous aspect.And is written for Blogadda.

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  1. haha...nice post...i may try oneliners on my hubby..:)

  2. LOL..... the one liners with the eyeroll should do the truck :-D

    1. It might just do *wink*
      Thanks for your comment,Nirvana :)

  3. Like the one liners.. Tom Hanks in cast away.. too good!

    1. Thanks you so much. :D
      for you comment as well :)


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