Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Body Shop Bath Exfoliating Gloves

A day before yesterday, while crossing the The Body Shop counter. I realized with a jolt, I need those Gloves!

 I wanted Coral Pink :-/

I've used them once with Johnson's Baby top to toe wash.

I've used Poofs and Exfoliators made from Natural fibre (Coconut), They kind of scratch my skin. I've had many horrendous experiences with Body Exfoliators.The Vega Bath gloves were made of the material same as the Loofah, let alone exfoliation it did nothing more than tickling.

But Now I have, What I always needed! A Scrubby Gloves.

What I liked about The Body Shop Bath Exfoliating Gloves:

Excellent Exfoliation

Fits the palm perfectly! The Vega gloves did not fit and would move a lot.

Very little amount of Shower gel/Wash is needed.

These should be used twice or thrice a week and not everyday.

What I disliked about The Body Shop Bath Exfoliating Gloves:

Nothing, I want the Coral Pink coloured next!

I have Woollen Gloves exactly like these, People with sensitive skin or who crave smooth/soft skin can use woollen gloves for Daily exfoliation. I'm gonna try with Woolen gloves tomorrow. :D

I'm totally in LOVE with these! These make the bathing experience much more likeable.

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