Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel: Blunder

This is not a review, It's an eye-opener 0_0

A year back or so, When this  was launched. I happily bought it. *Glitter Beads* attracted my senses, conquered them and then I had to get it. An okay-ish and not-so-attractive looking bottle.
Okay, The story starts here.

The first time, I used it. It was summer and it was nothing amazing. Fragrance is quiet strong for my liking it lingers for a while. The weird fragrance has put in a funny embarrassing situation, you see?

We were sitting in a crowd-less cafe, with just working staff around.
He has strong olfactory senses, I wasn't aware of.

*.* : Are you wearing men's perfume? Why are you smelling weird?
(Masculine I took )
*_* me: What? No! I don't know.


I knew! I knew it!

Few days later I told him about it and we laughed like idiots. He agreed too, this legit smells like cologne or something.

My life couldn't be any funnier!


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    1. TY for following me :)
      I'm following you back!

  2. Hi...kinda liked this shower gel. I use to use it during my labour posting to avoid smelling of amniotic fluid of the baby (baby's pee inside the womb)!!!

    1. Does this BW makes your hands dry?
      Bcz It is quite drying for me.

  3. OMG !! this made me laugh !! :D
    I can understand,its a quite embarrasment though..

    1. Absolutely!
      The feeling is inexplicable :-/

  4. Fiama is a dud!!! thats a gud way to use it lol
    Am ur new follower, do look up my blog and support me by following :)


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