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A complete explanation of the disclaimer with subject to the readers.

Makeup Discourse does not use affiliate links, but you may find certain links in select posts. The intent of linking is to provide and enlighten the readers with the availability of the mentioned products and is to the best of my knowledge and research. I hope this will help the readers to decide and rather find what they seek. The transparency of affiliation will be maintained. For instance, whether the links are affiliate will be disclosed at the end/beginning of the post.

The blog covers mostly cruelty-free makeup and skincare products, partially with respect to the meagerness of brands available in India. The intent is to minimise the use and recommendation of products that directly/indirectly result in savagery. (Imagine rubbing your eyes with alcohol or using a product that could damage your skin.)
Also, I am finicky about the ingredients in skincare and haircare products.

I, as a reviewer and recommender, am certainly not biased towards a certain brand or product. The blog projects cruelty-free options for the non cruelty-free ones. You can refer to my profile here.
The products mentioned and reviewed here are bought on my own unless stated. I have an eclectic approach towards everything, and most of the products, I have bought in the past or will purchase in the near future, are forethought.

Makeup Discourse is a personal space. I purchase the products featured on the blog with my own money.  Also, the matter implying the content, experience and images used on the blog belongs to me and is subject to copyright.

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