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#OwnThose5Days with New Whisper Ultra Clean: Product Review & Comparison

The Products has been sent by the brand for consideration. Views, Opinions and Conclusions are my own and derived after usage of 6 days. Compensation is received in exchange of the review.

Whisper India has launched a new revolutionary Sanitary napkin last week. You can read details about the event here. I received the product a week before the event though I knew Aunt Flo would not return this month before 24/25th, I waited for her arrival and in anticipation.

What the new Whisper Ultra Clean does?
Protects 5X Better

What has changed?Better Dryness
Longer Lasting Absorption
Better Comfort by softer Top sheet
Faster Absorption
Better Scent

The 5 Unique Features of the New Whisper Ultra Clean:

~ Revolutionary 1000 suction Holes that absorb up to 100% wetness.
~ Magic Gel Crystals that absorbs liquid and locks into gel
~ Odour Lock
~ Extra Long
~ 1 New Whisper Ultra Clean = 5 Regular/Ordinary Pads

Price for New Whisper Ultra Clean: 80 INR for 7 Sanitary Pads.

My first brush with the product was the fragrance; a mild floral scent that instantly takes effect. I have always been an Ultra Girl and Whisper was my saviour during school days when I actively participated in sports. And never in my life, had I faced leakage issues in public. No such Embarrassing moments for me!

And the worth mentioning part, I had NO rashes as the top sheet ensures comfort. And with the New Whisper Ultra Clean, I could carry myself with ease even during those 5 days.
And I am really pleased with them for changing the top sheet. This one is more comfortable and soft on the skin.

My Experience with the New Whisper Ultra Clean:

My first stark address would be about the Top Sheet. The new improved napkin is soft and more comfortable than ever. And the R&D expert was right about the 1000 suction holes since it reduces wetness up to 100%. And yes, I did sense dry/normal feeling with negligible wetness.
The New improved Whisper Ultra Clean is so for the lengthiest napkin, I have used from the Maxi Range. Wings just help the napkin secure itself, and so far it has been an integral part of using a Sanitary Napkin.
About the odour control, New Whisper Ultra Clean locks the odour and the floral fragrance is intact even after hours.

New Whisper Ultra Clean fulfils all the claims they made, discussed and explained us at the event.
To be outright, I never paid heed to minute details with respect to a Sanitary Napkin with slight or major difference until I had to review the New Whisper Ultra Clean. Because, I get rashes no matter what I use.
Though every woman needs something extra, these 5 mentions are basic ideas of a sanitary napkin that meets the basic requirements.
I would like to add, Changing Sanitary Napkin every 4-5 hours is mandatory. And keeping a Period tracker handy in your phone or journal is great way to audit your health.
You can claim your free sample HERE.

My Beauty Blog Resolutions for 2016!

Looking Back

2015 was a remarkable year. I tried filling in some order in my absolute boring blog, makeup and skincare routine. I started off with few and easy things such as organising my vanity every weekend, experimenting with hair, advanced into adhering to a makeup removal routine and, most importantly, buying all cruelty-free (except for Chanel and MAC, damn I want Guerlain #260 Jardin De Bagatelle too).
My cruelty-free pledge still stands steadfast and unshaken. And as I was determined, I flipped the 90% non-cruelty-free makeup to 90% cruelty-free. I see this as a minor achievement. Besides, I accomplished all my personal resolutions for 2015.

My makeup, beauty and blog resolutions for 2016:

Blog more

I have no planned posts as of yet. But in 2016, I am going to experiment with makeup more—my favourite literary characters, celebrity inspired or somethings on similar lines things. I am going to lay down my basic routines and techniques and try something else, and there is a special-themed post I am planning to post every month. I will try my best to pour in more creativity here in 2016. I am experimenting with photography again, still need to master a few things.

Beauty journals

Growing up, I made scrapbooks by reusing my old notebooks and diaries. I would jot down or stick in tips and inspiring articles from magazines and newspapers. Somehow, deep down I could connect both—scrapbooking and bloggingthese things. So, maintaining a hand-written diary to list down my blog posts, routines and changes in my skin is my way to channel my plans. I did maintain one for 2015 which had my huge wish list and my skincare routines from the first half of 2015. I lost the journal, and the posts never went live even though I had saved them as drafts.


I am basic, minimal, essential kind of person when it comes to clothing. I am setting up my wardrobe, experimenting with colours and... SATC back-to-back for inspirations, oh! How I love Carrie and Mr Big. 😏

No Makeup Purchase for 2016

I over spent by letting myself free a bit too much. I am $20 away from attaining my Sephora VIB status. I misplaced my Hourglass Ambient Powders. I want to try swapping my favourite non-cruelty-free makeup with cruelty-free makeup. Finding cruelty-free equivalents for my favourites, sounds like an adventure!

Finding my contouring/bronzing essential

I was in two minds whether to get Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Palette, but I read Kat Von D is better and blends seamlessly. I didn't wanted NYX contour palette. So I gave up and didn't bother to purchase any. I will keep looking, for that perfect mid-tone brown with slightly greyish undertone, till then I will mix and create with what I already have.

100 posts in 365 days

I am setting up my bar high. I blogged exclusively for the days I would need an escape from reality. Through 2015 things were changing and I sought solace in blogging. I attended events and met some non-beauty/makeup bloggers. Things have changed, I am assuming I'll get cold feet, like always!

More skincare than makeup

I am going to invest more in skincare than makeup. Recently, I attended an event bare faced with almost just sunblock. It is a big thing, especially when I don't step out without makeup. I escaped my seasonal acne cycle, I am in love with my skin right now. I'm assuming I am going back to my no-foundation phase. I no longer feel the need to conceal my imperfections.

Another year, definitely I am ending something or beginning something.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wella Professionals Elements Range in India: Bloggers Event, Pictures & Product Details

I was taken with wonderment with a sight of a Peace lily pleasingly potted in a kettle. Check the image here.
A warm laud for the organisers for this thoughtful invite. The lily has comforted itself on the entrance table.

Wella Professionals Elements Range Launch Event was held at House of Tales, Kalaghoda. The Guest Panel had Dr.Kerstin Meyer - Lipp and Brand Ambassador, Nimrat Kaur.

Wella Professionals Elements Range is Free of Sulphates, Artificial Colorants and Parabens. And the fragrance has an impression of the green woods of Amazon forest.

Wella Professionals Elements Range includes:

Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo 250ml for 975 INR
Wella Elements Renewing Daily Conditioner
Wella Elements Renewing Mask 150ml for 1075 INR

Wella Elements Range is inspired by the Beauty and Strength of Trees. The Range claims to provide more vitality & strength against breakage. The Range is Sulphate free, artificial colourants free, and Paraben free. The exclusivity about this range is NuTREE Complex developed by the R & D experts at Wella. NuTREE Complex, a natural tree essence enriched with antioxidants which help in the reduction of free radical damage. It also acts as anti-irritant and helps balance the scalp. Panthenol or ProVitB5 penetrates into deeper shafts to reconstruct the Keratin structure and binds in moisture. Healthy, smooth and nourished hair are no longer a dream.

To further simplify, Wella Elements Range reconstructs and protects the Keratin from degeneration,  breaks the hair life cycle by prolonging or renewing your hair strands.

Apart from the fundamental details about the Elements Range, Dr Kerstin Lipp, conferred her glimpse on Sulphate & Paraben Free Products that it is a growing trend and more and more people are looking for natural products without or few chemicals.

With discussion, Actress & Wella Brand Ambassador, Nimrat Kaur turned vocal about her experience on using Organic or Sulphate free products. She mentioned she prefers Organic, Paraben free and Natural products with her lifestyle where she needs to travel to different places with different temperatures. And heat styling her hair often that leads to breakage and brittleness. She further specified that the Elements Range resulted in shiny, smooth and amazing smelling hair.

Wella Elements Range can be purchased from Jean Claude Biguine, Affinity,  Bodycraft, Toni & Guy , Bodycraft, Strands, Tresslounge and Headturners.

* I have already switched to no-shampoo method, and it has been more than two years now. A research into the depth of ingredients, foaming agents and results will follow soon.
I am excited to try these products as soon as I empty my current products.

Whisper Out Loud Bloggers Hangout #OwnThose5Days

Recently, I was invited to attend a plausible event; progressive and ultra in its nethermost core. I wonder why ‘Whisper’ is named whisper.  Unquestionable, since we never say menstruation out loud. Do we?

But most ultraist bloggers were called to be a part of something revolutionary. Get a glimpse of the affair on my twitter & instagram. And here’s an episode for the readers.

The event had two aims to consider, launching the new Whisper Ultra Clean and breaking the taboos and traditions associated with menstruation.  The event was held around 11.15 am at St. Regis in Lower Parel. There was transparency of the guests so there was no surprise there. The Guest panel had the well known Bollywood Actress- Kalki Koechlin, Stand-up comedian and writer- Aditi Mittal, Gynaecologist- Nandita Palshetkar and Whisper R&D expert- Chetan Kotyalkar.
 The event began around 12.30 with Aditi Mittal making an appearance on stage with her energetic joyfulness. Her account of Menstruation euphemisms, Period rescue incidents, Airport episodes of women bonding in need of sanitary napkins had everyone rolling in the aisles. After a wave of comic drama, the audience was stroked with mocking remarks of how periods are generally looked upon in India.

After ebb of applause, Kalki Koechlin made her appearance on stage. Aditi Mittal & Kalki Koechlin also made aware of the previous campaigns Whisper served with an aim of blasting the myths and Period taboos. Women, even today practice a handful of irrelevant practices like avoiding white, refraining from shampooing during periods, staying indoors during the periods and most important, not exercising during periods. Later with other Whisper Campaigns like #Touchthepickle.
The Period conversation was succeeded with Aditi & Kalki sharing their personal experiences and opinions.  The conversation concluded with an undisputed idea of needing a superior Sanitary Napkin for the lifestyle in contemporary age.

Nandita Palshetkar advocated working out or exercising during periods and providing us bloggers with some tips to overcome the cramps.
1) To avoid Caffeine.
2) To follow a wholesome & healthy diet.
3) To hydrate well and exercise.
She further explained Caffeine aggravates the cramps during periods. She maintained a statement throughout to check with your gynaecologist if periods are late or missed for more than 40 days.

The Whisper R&D Expert highlighted the unique features of the New Whisper Ultra Clean. This revolutionary Sanitary Napkin has over 1000 suction holes and three different layers to stop leakage and contains some whimsical magic gel crystals that transform liquid into gel. The distinct feature about the New Whisper is it has light floral fragrance which controls odour.
Here are 5 unique features of the New Whisper Ultra Clean:
Offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads
1000 suction holes for

1) More absorption for long hours

2) Better dryness for clean feeling

3) Faster absorption for sudden heavy flows

4) Better comfort with soft top sheet

5)  Odour lock

During the tryout session, Mr Kotyalkar gave us a demonstration on how this research was what exactly a woman needs during those 5 days.

The conversation concluded into pledging in spirit of being Unstoppable even during those 5 days with #OwnThose5Days. Aditi & Kalki started the challenge and everybody took their chance to overcome their hurdles during their periods. On personal note, I would like to Thanks Whisper for making me a part of revolution that is changing the frame of mind of not just us women bloggers rather every other woman in India.
You can try the New Whisper Ultra Clean Sample here

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cruelty-Free Luxury Brand ~ Forest Essentials Haul

After an event, I walked into Mango at Palladium looking for sweaters. A soft peach chunky knit had me enchanted, but even the small size turned out 5x larger on me.
With a shift of running out of my Cetaphil bar, I entered Forest Essentials store. I cross my heart, I only wanted to purchase a moisturizer and a Cleanser.

Cruelty-Free Luxury Ayurvedic Brand in India, Luxury Skincare

The first thing, I tried was Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24K Gold. The texture I found was a bit heavy but the resplendence post application had me transported to some cosmic realm.
In search of something light day wear, I settled for Indian Rose & Marigold Light Day Lotion. For all the products I chose, I let my olfactory senses expert me.
The Manager at the Palladium was cordial but not much in granting samples to try.

Kashmiri Saffron & Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser, Coldpressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Forest Essentials Marigold & Indian rose Light Day Lotion, Forest Essentials Products in India

I almost zeroed on full sized Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Delicate Facial Cleanser & Pure Rosewater Facial Toner but then I spot a gift box which had Travel/Sample sized bottles of both. so I cancelled them and picked the gift box instead. And singled out on Kashmiri Saffron & Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser.
I am using Bio oil as post shower oil and I like how it gets absorbed instantly with a zero residue.  I tried Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute and ...
I skipped it till I finish Bio oil and I singled out on Cold Pressed  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Forest Essentials Gift Boxes and Prices, Luxury Skincare in India, Cruelty-Free Paraben Free Skincare

The Gift box is versatile with travel/sample sizes of incomparable products priced for 1675 INR. Here are the contents:

Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater
~ 50ml/ 1.69 Fl.oz
Facial Toner Pure Rosewater ~ 50ml/ 1.69 FL.oz
Sunscreen Lotion Aloe vera & Sandalwood ( SPF isn't mentioned) ~
50ml/ 1.69 FL.oz
Facial Scrub Walnut Gel ~ 15 g
Facial Cream Sandalwood & Saffron ~ 15 g
Sugared Rose Petal Lip balm ~ 5 g/ 0.176 oz

Forest Essentials Gift boxes and Haul, Cruelty-Free Skincare products in India

I subsumed Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Delicate Facial Cleanser and Facial Cream Sandalwood & Saffron as my daily cleanser and night cream. I tried the lip balm, nothing riveting me from my regular. *I am assuming I found MY cleanser.*

Forest Essentials Saffron & Sandalwood cream, Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm, Forest Essentials Walnut Scrub Gel, Forest Essentials Haul

The products I am purchasing on my next visit:

Nargis Body Mist

Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24K Gold 

Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute

The Frosting on the cake?
SLS Free
Paraben Free
Mineral oil & Petroleum Free
Silicone Free

*as per their website, but I need my fact-finding here too! stay tuned*

To be outright, after spending 5k, getting the membership and asking for samples. I was only provided with Narangi & Nagkesar Ubtan 8g sample jar and I was told they were out of sample jars. Hmmph!
I am hopping to the Phoenix store next time for an Olfactory treat & Cosmic transportation to Lah Lah smelling Land! :D

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Project Pan 2015: Volume One

I never did monthly empties posts because I never had the patience to save the empty jars and bottles to photograph them. Once I finished something I discard it immediately to keep the clutter off. And once I forget, it stays there forever!
So I embarked on this journey of using Cruelty-Free products. Since I already had switched to Cruelty-Free skincare, I have started discarding Non-Cruelty-Free Makeup. I decided to compile them into Project Pan List and listing down as how I am replacing Non-Cruelty-Free Products with Cruelty-Free ones.
So here is the list of Products I emptied from October 1st to October 25th. I am also discarding stuff I have barely used or disliked.

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser
I have reviewed this here. And I have liked it too except that my hair takes a lot of time to adapt to it.
That makes me difficult to heat style my Hair. I bought two Soulflower bars that would last me entire 2016.
I may repurchase this. But I have shampoo bars and SLS Free Shampoos that will last me long.
The Nature's Co is Cruelty-Free. Check the full review here.

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel
I finished this in the first week of October and I switched to Grace Cole Indulgent Foam. The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel was my Cruelty-Free replacement for my all time summer fave Dove Green Tea and Cucumber Bodywash/soap. But did I like it more than Dove? No.
I will not repurchase this. I will switch to Lotus Licorice Bar till the end of 2015.
Featured here.

Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser
I used this up in 19 days! I opened this up on the first of October and on 19th, I was sad. I used this twice a day and this foamed very well. After looking at the Ingredient list, I was taken back with the second ingredient: Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, assuming it same as SLS. But an in-depth reading makes me conclude that Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is the mildest form of foam booster. There are Nitrosamine contamination concerns with Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, is carcinogenic as well.
To refer, The Handbook of Green Chemicals by Michael Ash has listed Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate as Green chemical.
I may repurchase this or other variants from Kama Ayurveda once I finish Cetaphil Cleansing Bar, Melawash and Himalaya Aloe vera Facewash.

The Body Shop Vitamin Cool BB cream
I disliked this from the very first use. It just didn’t work for my Normal-Combination skin. I tried this in every season hoping it might just work. I did use this instead of moisturiser when I ran out of my regular moisturiser, couple of times. It made me look 3 times dark, I assume it is due to either undertone or skin type. It does work well with my neck but refuses to look good on my face. I gave up, there is 80% of the product left and has dissipated too.
Never Repurchase. I dislike BB, CC or ZZ creams altogether.

GlamGlow Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment
I don’t like samples for the reason I can never make up my mind with a single use. I’m too fickle and there are very few products that work amazingly from the first use. This did deep clean with no breakouts post usage. The texture is unique with clay based mask with little granules. The mask is required to keep on for 20 minutes. You can see it transform into oil after massaging on dampened face. This hydrates well and it did bring a glow. This lasted me two uses but Glamglow is not Cruelty-Free.

Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer in 040 Soft Beige

I bought this on impulse for covering Acne and blemishes. This never blended well, it either balled up or smudged and transferred on my phone. And yes, it did accentuate my flaking blemishes during the healing period. In all, total waste of my money though it is cheap.
Rimmel is not Cruelty-Free.

Chapstick in Green Apple
Carmex were the only Lip moisturizers I went through quickly. I love Carmex and Chapstick too. I finished this up in 6 months alternating with EOS sweet mint. I have either Cherry or Strawberry left.
I use Chapstick before applying my Matte lipsticks and it hydrates well without drying.
I may not repurchase Chapstick but I am stocking up on Carmex.

Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant
At first, I was unsure if this would work great for me. I do not use granular scrubs since it aggravates pigmentation. It has been over a year, I haven’t used one. Yes, I Love this and I will be repurchasing this later in 2016.

Rose water and Soulflower Jojoba Oil are an essential part of my skincare routine.

Apart from these, I finished up all the Skincare samples from Sephora. There are few more products lined up that I will be discarding. I am so spaced out right now!

I know I am too late, (it's December) I've been caught with whirlwinds of deadlines with zero peace of mind. :-l

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree! Makeup Look

When I thought about Christmas Tree, Green Gold Smokey Eyes paired with Red lips. I had to atone for the idea, since I couldn't think any better. I missed posting for the last prompt I was excited for, I cannot believe 2016 is less than 3 weeks away.
My favourite grey :D

Products Used:
Kryolan Supracolor in the shadeFS28
Kryolan Supracolor in the shade FS27 for Contouring
Sleek Blush in Flamingo

Coastal Scents Hotpot in S25 (foiled it on the lids)
NYX ES102 in Hawaiian Coffee in to the crease
Black Matte Eyeshadow in the outer V, to darken the Brown
Foiled a Golden Eyeshadow from Freedom Jewels and Romance Palette in the inner corner & on the Green eyeshadow
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
Lotus Colorkick Eyeliner in Black

Essence XXL Matte in Silky Red
*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser: Review & On being Cruelty-Free and SLS Free Shampoo.

I picked this from their store in Palladium somewhere in 2014 when I embraced 'No shampoo' method. While I was checking their products, I took a brief whiff of this one and I bought it, thoughtless only later I did realise this is unlike shampoos I have used.

Initially, when I was using the Nori Hair Cleanser, the results were vague. My hair remained dull, lacklustre and dry mostly and they would tangle. I assumed that this variant is not suiting my hair. I decided to use this one for 10 more days and after a week; I started to notice a difference in my hair scalp and volume. My scalp would stay squeaky clean and non-oily up to three days, usually, my scalp turns oily within a day. And the lustre bloomed, wash after wash. After 30-45 days of continuous usage (every alternate day), I noticed my strands were silkier and appeared thicker and if I left them loose, there was noticeable volume. Except all this, I love the soothing fragrance in my bath. I find it refreshing and nerve soothing.
I did not use Hair conditioner with this shampoo; I would use two-three drops of Jojoba oil on my hair ends.
I sported bangs back then and would tie my hair back into a ponytail. My crown area lacks volume and my bangs would create havoc with being unruly. My strands were more defined and bouncy; I had less bad hair days.

I was dubious about the W/S base so I dropped an email regarding the same to The Nature's Co team and here is their reply.

Our shampoos don't contain any Parabens or chemical preservatives. We do use naturally derived surfactant from Coconut Oil as the main cleanser though a small amount of Sodium Laureth Sulphate is used in the product for compatibility with the viscosity modifier, as alone it is difficult to get good viscosity. Coconut oil based surfactant imparts cleaning efficacy since it is a mild surfactant and is considered safe to be used in the product.
Also, our Conditioners are free from Parabens or Silicones.
Apart from above we are not using any other synthetic chemicals or preservatives which are not considered safe to be used.
I used clarifying shampoo when I would oil my hair and Nori Hair Cleanser every alternate day, No conditioner and no silicone based serums.

Ingredient List for Nori Hair Cleanser:
Nori Extract 5%
Pro Vitamin b5 1%
Apple Cider Vinegar 0.5%
Aloe Vera Extract 1.5%
W/S Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives and Food Grade Colors (FD & C) Q.S

I am still dubious with respect to ‘Coconut Oil based surfactants’ and this is a cross between Soulflower soaps & Tresseme Shampoo for me. You can google about the same but as per my research the surfactants are mild SLS based surfactants. I have tried Soaping and I am aware of the results. I do switch to Tresseme only on days I heat style my hair to avoid tangles and breakage. This does not easily adapt to the ingredient/product changes in my daily routine.
Though the price is steep, you can check out for discount or sales. I did get mine for 10% off.

Cruelty-Free Status:
Cruelty-Free [PETA Certified]
And most/all of The Nature’s Co products are Vegan as well.

Price: 795 INR for 250ml

Recommendations: I love the results but then the deceptive ingredient list withholds me from repurchasing. I emptied this in October and I have already switched to Soulflower shampoo bars for life. And the tedious routine is worth for lifeless and thinning hair like mine. I would repurchase only if they list down the exact INCI names.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Cranberry Sauce: Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye Makeup with Nude Lips

 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange

When the November Prompt of TheMakeupMixup had my attention, I perceived an image of a luscious Cranberry Glossy Lips. Just as seraphic,glazed and piquant as it suggests. Seraphic and Cranberry wouldn't get along, but that goes right as rain in mine.

Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange with Coastal Scents Revealed 2

I have a Cranberry Red Lip Liner by Maybelline assuming I don't have any Cranberry Shades. But when I opened my Coastal Scents Revealed Palette, I was delighted to find what I was looking.
I did a Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye makeup with a Pop of Champagne in the inner corner. I paired a soft Nude Glossy Lips with the look. Skipped the Blush, Contouring and everything rest. [I have been doing that a lot.]

I did my makeup and found my 70D battery wasn't charged so I re-embraced my old faithful Canon Ixus. And since it was cloudy, the pictures didn't turn out agreeable to my motif.

 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange  and Nude Lips: Minimal Base makeup for Cranberry Sauce The Makeup MixUp

Products Used:
 Matte Cranberry Smoky Eyemakeup with a Pop of Champange: Coastal Scents Revealed 2, Maybelline Dramagel Swirl eyeliner, Maybelline Lip polish in Glam7, Rimmel Stay Matte, Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara

For Matte Cranberry Smoky Eye Makeup:
I applied Maybelline Gel Eyeliner as a Base and layered a Matte Cranberry Eyeshadow.
Blended the edges seamlessly and Use a Taupe shade as my transition shade.
Over the Transition shade, I blended a Matte Black Eyeshadow creating a soft 'C' on the outer edges.
I blended the harsh edges with the Transition shade again since the base was gel based, I had a hard time blending it out before it sets.[ Maybe I should've had used UDPP instead.]
I added a Champagne Colour highlight the inner corners. The shimmer metallic finish balanced the Matte eyeshadow from making it look drab.
I blended the Cranberry shade in the outer half of my Lower eye and lined them with Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner.
Finished off with Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara.

For Nude Lips Lips:
I patted Maybelline Lip Polish/ Lip Elixir in Glam 7 with my ring finger.

That's it for Cranberry Sauce. I am stirred with the next prompt. I have an amazing, easy and a modest Tutorial to share. 

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Is Colorbar Cruelty-Free?

I had read in the past, one million times: Colorbar is cruelty-free. But I wasn't going to settle for that. So I dropped them an email, some long time back when I was considering purchasing cruelty-free, for the rest of my life. The girl gotta have options. ;-)

I never received a reply from them.
I copy and pasted the same email, again.
No reply.

This time I was raged with their insolent attitude towards an emptor. So I did what I should, I stated clearly that I would stop purchasing their products.

After 3 days, I got a reply from one of their representatives. I'm posting the reply here.

The Colorbar product line offers products which have been created with International experience, knowledge, passion, creativity and innovation. These facilities are spread across France, Greece, Germany and Italy. The products conform to all European Union and FDA Regulations and are benchmarked against the most prestigious brands available worldwide. Extensive R&D goes into bringing out a Colorbar product line, with new product categories and SKU’s within categories introduced month on month. Constant product innovations have ensured that Colorbar is a favorite with the modern working woman of today. We are socially responsible and do not test our products on animals. None of our vendors conducts animal testing.
No, we do not sell in China.Could you please specify what you mean by Vegan?

I explained her what exactly Vegan meant in terms of cosmetics/products. And I never received any reply from the representative again.
And I am compelled to disbelieve them on the grounds of the facts mentioned below.

1) Let us assume, Maybe the representative was a wrong choice or even unaware. I expected a confirmation from the brand, on either behalf.

2) Nowhere on their websites have mentions of the Brand or Company being against Animal Testing or Cruelty Free. Except for Few blogs, I came across claims Colorbar being Cruelty-Free without an in depth idea about the parent company.

3) Colorbar is manufactured in Thane. [That is exactly where I am located.]

4) Modi Enterprises is the Parent Company/Owner of Colorbar Cosmetics. Modi Enterprises is owned by K.K Modi of Modi Revlon while Colorbar Cosmetics is owned by Samir Modi [his youngest son]
Oriflame is also a part of their enterprise.
Revlon's animal testing policy is as and when required by regulatory authorities.

And here is what Revlon made an official Facebook status in June 2014:
Please be assured, Revlon does not test on animals and has not done so since 1989. We sympathize with your concerns, but, as a global brand, we must comply with the local rules and regulations of each market in which we sell our products. In a very limited number of countries, including China, these registration requirements may include the government conducting animal testing prior to approving registration. We support the advancement of non-animal testing alternatives globally, including in China, and we continue to work with other organizations to encourage the advancement of these cruelty-free alternatives.

There are a handful of brands that DO NOT Test on animals but the Parent Company does. Even if we assume Colorbar being Cruelty-Free, they don't stand strong or are vocal about being Cruelty-Free.

The Indian Beauty and wellness market would double to Rs 80,370 crore by 2018. Do you see the influence of Makeup?
And just a handful of people are perceptive about Animal Testing & Cruelty.
It scares me, one more brand I perceived as Cruelty-Free turned out deceptive. I am unwilling to sit tight with their claims.
When I got a reply from them, I set out with joy to get their newly launched Lip Tints. But I am appalled at their ignorance of I wouldn't be serious about my homework.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Great Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season

As Holiday Season approaches; I am compiling a list of unique ideas. For someone who could be clueless when it comes to Gifts for men. Be it gifting your father, brother or the special man in your life, these ideas come handy while looking for the perfect gifts for perfect occasions.


Gadgets are still cool.
Men and Gadgets have a connection. The first gift that crossed my mind was nothing but a Gadget.
Be it an Ipad, Xbox or Bass boosting headphones. They’re going to love it!

Sports Merchandise.
If your Man is into Football or F1, you have a great way to his heart. You can personalise his favourites or even look out for unique gifts preferring their liking.

Gifts for him: A DSLR & a Book would make a perfect gift.
If your Man is an Artist or with an artist vision, A camera would be a perfect option to channel his creativity. And if by any means he loves reading, Coffee table books or Influential Autobiographies are great options.

I wonder how unique this idea would be but as long as I know, many of them like receiving them.
But there is one thing about gifting perfumes, you should be in depth-aware of their aromatic liking.
I wouldn’t gift a woody base note to a Man who loves his an aqua. Never.
And it is always advisable to choose something to go with their personalities.

Scotch as a Gift.

This is the most unique gifting idea among the list mentioned here. Women love having their ‘me’ times pampering themselves at spas. But Men would love some equivalent pampering too.
For Men, this would be the best gesture to convey warmth & love this Holiday Season.

Coming from the pickiest, I hope there is something for every personality in this list. So what will you be gifting this holiday season?

Disclaimer: This article is intended for an audience above 25 years.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos and EOTD

I picked Freedom Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette from all the available versions. The Palette consists of a vibrant and chromatic combination of eyeshadows. When I placed an order, I had second thoughts and I was about to cancel the order but I shook the thought since it is inexpensive.

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos and EOTD

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette is a union of both pale and dark hues. The Colours are co-ordinated Cool and Warm tones with either contrasting finish.
Most Colours have a creamy texture while some are powdery. There is quite a fall out with the powdery textured eyeshadows in comparison to the creamy finishes.

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos and EOTD

Price: £4 on website, 840 INR on Jabong (look for discounts; you may get it much cheaper.)
Cruelty-Free Status: Cruelty-Free
Quantity:  12X1g/12X0.03oz

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos and EOTD

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadows are not named. I am depicting and categorising them in terms of texture, blendability and pigmentation below. The staying power though is average but can be prolonged with a better base underneath. These stays on my eyelids for 4 hours without creasing with Urban Decay Primer Potion. And it does start creasing and transferring on the upper lids post 4-5 hours.

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches

1st is a Warm Pale Peach Colour in Pan.
The swatch appears White with soft Gold and Silver frosted/metallic finish.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Average

2nd is a Rose Gold Colour in Pan.
The swatch appears Pale Peach with Gold, Silver and Pink reflects.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Difficult
Pigmentation: Poor

3rd is a Rich Copper Clour in Pan.
The swatch appears exact as in the pan, a metallic Golden Copper.
Texture: Creamy (probably the creamiest of all)
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Excellent

4th is a Copper Brown in Pan.
The swatch appears Copper Brown with flecks of Gold and Copper sheen.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Excellent

5th is a Peachy Pink in Pan.
The swatch appears exactly as in pan, A Peachy Pink with Golden metallic finish.
Texture: Creamy (hardened a little)
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Good
6th is a Pewter Gold in Pan.
The swatch appears Gold Pewter, a shimmering Gold and Silver. (My Favourite of them all.)
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Average

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches

7th is a Silver Grey in Pan.
The swatch appears Grey with Silver metallic finish to it.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Average

8th is a Burgundy Brown in Pan.
The swatch appears a Rich Burgundy brown colour with Red and copper metallic finish.
Texture: Powdery
Blendability: Easy with fallout
Pigmentation: Good

9th is Bronze Gold in Pan.
The swatch appears exact as in pan, A Mixture of Bronze and Gold with dark brown and copper metallic reflect.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Excellent

10th is a Bronze Brown in Pan.
The swatch appears Burgundy Brown with Copper reflects. The Colour is very similar to 8th Eyeshadow.
Texture: Creamy
Blendability: Easy
Pigmentation: Excellent

11th is a Navy Blue in Pan.
The swatch appears Navy Blue with flecks of Silver. The finish is matte barring the flecks.
Texture: Powdery
Blendability: Easy with minimal fallout
Pigmentation: Average

12th is an Onyx Black in Pan.
The swatch appears darker than in the pan, a black with silver flecks.
Texture: Powdery
Blendability: Average with fallout
Pigmentation: Excellent

Urban Naked Dupe in Freedom Makeup Jewels and Romance Palette
 Naked 2 YDK is similar to the 9th Eyeshadow in the Pan

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette is unique with the combination of metallics, chromatic and reflects. I would select this exclusively for Holiday Season with the finishes. This palette has terrific shades of Copper and Bronzes, either in base or reflects.
I have used this palette here.

Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Romance And Jewels Eyeshadow Palette Eyemakeup &  EOTD

Recommendations: For the price, I think this would be a great purchase if you don’t prefer or have started out with metallic or mentioned finishes. Definitely Inexpensive.

I see myself making use of this palette in plenitude this holiday season.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Is Natio Cruelty-free? UPDATE

I discovered Natio in late August while surfing through Amazon & Nykaa. The Brand sparked an inquisitiveness and I began researching on Youtube. I was flabbergasted to know the brand is Plant based and Cruelty-free. I wanted a statement, so I dropped Natio an email inquiring about their stance on being Cruelty-free. Here is the reply.

Dear Pranali

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Natio is always striving to produce the very best quality products for our customers and feedback such as yours helps us in this process.

Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. Neither our ingredients nor manufacturing processes harm animals. We actively support and have been accredited since 1996 by 'Choose Cruelty Free', an Australian organisation screening beauty care companies and helping consumers recognise genuine cruelty-free brands. We assure you that Natio very firmly opposes the testing of products on animals.

Natio does not currently export to mainland China due to mandatory animal testing to register products.  Natio is available in Sasa stores in HK, Malaysia and Taiwan where animal testing is not required to register products.

I trust this assists. Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for supporting Australian made products, which are not tested on animals.

Best regards

Sheridan Wright
Export Manager

I had already placed an order for Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation & Natio Pure Mineral Foundation (packaging replicates MAC Face & Body Foundation.) But unfortunately, the latter product went out of stock.
I had Acne back in August/September and I was and I am still psyched about the Foundation. I was planning to create a tutorial on my Mineral Foundation routine, but I think I'll skip it.
You can read more about Natio on their Website.


As on 13 June 2017

I was going through all my non-cruelty-free makeup sorting out listed and non-listed makeup products. I cannot find "No animal testing" or "Cruelty-free" mentioned on the packaging. Also, I checked on SaSa, they do have number of stores in Mainland china. So technically, if all the products listed on the websites are sold in China that means Natio is sold in SaSa stores (through online retailers perhaps third party retailers) in Mainland China as well.
Here is the link:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup
A privy de rigueur blur opening image, you can laugh if you get that! =D

I Love Runway Makeup. I used to check MAC Cosmetics Instafeed with Graphic Eyeliners, Ombre Lips and Glitter Eyes. For Mod Mix, I wanted a fusion of the bygone decades & Contemporary techniques/makeup. I certainly figured, attempted Hepburn’s Crease-cut but that is for another day...

My Vanity is a mess; I can hardly find a thing. This weekend is reserved for arrangements, sorting and discarding. I still have Sephora Makeup Samples gah!
The Mod Mix is about Fresh Face: Minimal Makeup paired with the 60’s Crease-cut (that turned out bad.) I corrected my darkness under my eyes with NYX Concealer in medium and kept my face extremely minimal by buffing Rimmel Staymatte on my Face. Further, I applied Lightest Shimmery shade on my eyelid and black, the darkest for Crease. I layered the black using Noir from Sleek Au Naturel. Winged out using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and finished off using Bourjois Beautyfull Mascara.
I stippled NYX Cream Blush onto the Apples of my cheeks. And I finished off with a hint of same blush topped with Revlon Colorburst in Papaya.
I skipped Contouring & Highlighting too.

The Errors:
I couldn’t find Eyeshadow primer, any. So the eyeshadow creased.
I chose the wrong lid base, the pigmentation is fine but it creased and you will see that below.

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

Mod Mix: 1960's Inspired Crease Cut Eyes with Minimal Makeup

For Face:
NYX Beyond Concealer in Medium under the eyes
Stay Matte Powder in Sandstorm

For Cheeks:
NYX Cream Blush

For Lips:
Revlon Colorburst in Papaya with a hint of Cream Blush

For Eyes:
Coastal Scents Revealed Sampler

Darn! That was minimal!
I certainly will love to recreate the same look correcting my mistakes, soon! =)

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot Review, Swatches, Ingredients and Photos

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot Review, Swatches, Photos
Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot Review, Swatches, Photos

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot is a sheer Lip gloss with a hint of Apricot. The Apricot tint is soft and turns sheer on application, almost a sheer Coral gloss with a hint of warmth. The Applicator is brush which makes it easier to build the vibrancy or shine. The Gloss does not contain shimmer. [The swatch reflects shimmer transferred from my lipstick.]

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot in Bright Day Light

The Texture of Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot is Non-sticky and waterproof. It does not bleed though it transfers. Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot is light and hydrates/moisturises well. I prefer wearing this alone paired with Kohl Eyes. (I rarely wear Kohl and if I do, I make sure it is heavy and smoked.) Though my lips are pigmented or dual discoloured, I don’t mind wearing this alone at all. I also use this layered above few of my Coral Lipsticks.

The Longevity is slightly better than other Lip glosses I’ve tried but not better than Bourjois Rose Exclusif since it leaves a tint. I think it is the viscosity of this Gloss; this stays on for 3 hours straight without meals or water.

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot Swatch in Daylight
Price:  900INR for 4ml
Cruelty-Free Status: Cruelty-Free but Not Vegan

Ingredient List:
Polybutene,  Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil),Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Tocopheryl Acetate,  Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract), Trihydroxystearin, Parfum (Fragrance) and may contain: [+/- Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499,  Yellow 5 Lake CI 19140, Carmine CI 75470, Blue 1 Lake CI 42090, Red 22 Lake CI 45380,  Bismuth Oxychloride CI 77163, Red 28 Lake CI 45410, Red 36 CI 12085, Red 7 Lake CI 15850, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate,  Silica, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Tin Oxide, Mica] (EU seulement/only: CI 77510) May contain carmine as a color additive.
Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Apricot Lip swatch

Waterproof, Non-Sticky Formula
Light Texture
Moisturizes & Hydrates well with a slight plumping effect.

Unduly High for a Lipgloss
Transfers almost every trace on the glass [See the Water Transfer Test below.]

The Verdict: I have been wearing this gloss through the monsoon. And it does stay until you either blot down with a tissue or remove with cleanser/makeup remover. Even when it starts fading, the reflect starts to dull but it is as moisturising as it is freshly applied.  I have started wearing Lip glosses to moisturise my lips when I’m out and this overfills my moisture urgency. I don’t feel the need to reapply my lip balm for hours notably.

Recommendation: If you prefer Sheer Tinted, light Lip glosses. Wear alone or layer on a Lipstick; excluding the price tag.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Review, Swatches, Photos

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Review, Swatches, Photos
Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red in Bright Day Light

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red is a warm orange based Red. The Colour is Deep Scarlet Red and is semi-opaque in a single swipe. The base colour is true Red with a Scarlet overtone to it. After blotting with a tissue, a True Red colour with a slight hint of Scarlet remains.

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Review

The Texture is mousse like Silky and with a touch of warmth turns oily. It certainly is fleecy and creamy to touch. It does not set to a Matte finish rather it settles into fine lines, it bleeds as well.
I wear almost all lip colours softly blotted and this one is no exception. Blotting does take away the intensity of the Red, but I find it more wearable blotted since I sidestep the Lipstick bleeding.

The applicator is flat rectangular which again makes it easier for me to line on the go. But since this bleeds, I avoid.

Price: 279 INR

Cruelty-Free Status: There is a bit of perplexity from what I have researched. I could not find anything positive in terms of Non Cruelty-free, even after a lot of reading between the lines. I am assuming Essence is NOT Cruelty-Free even though they are not sold in China.

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Review in India, Buy online India

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Ingredients

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Swatches in India
Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Sunglight and Flash Swatches 
~ It develops tides if you press lips together
~ Accentuates flakes and fine lines
~ Transfers

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red Swatches on Medium Skin Tone, Essence Cosmetics in India
Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red blotted excess

The Verdict:
I picked this on a whim of trying the most loved Drugstore brand in Europe. I wanted Coral Calling; I picked this instead since it was out of stock. There was one more Rosy Brown Colour; I assumed it would be too warm for my Neutral Complexion.
The texture is unique, nothing like I have tried before. After blotting, the texture turns powdery, just sits on top with a True red slight stain beneath. Not flattering.
The staying power is poor and it does transfer easily. Also it easily moves. I am introducing Water Glass Lipstick Transfer Test. I hope that would give much into the aspect of staying power as well. I think the weather plays an important role here, because I have seen/read other bloggers raving about this. Certainly not for Hot humid Climate.

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in Silky Red: The Water Glass Transfer Test

I would not recommend it to anyone unless on budget. The texture is pretty workable if lined, filled and blotted well.