Sunday, January 24, 2021

2021 Beauty Resolutions

I don't remember acquiring makeup in 2020, except for three beauty subscription boxes and Lisa Eldridge lipsticks. I wore makeup (only lipstick and mascara, if at all these count) to work till first half of March. I have been in two minds about purchasing Pat McGrath palettes; god knows how many times I've added them to cart and logged out; I no longer have the heart to purchase non-cruelty-free makeup. To sum up, no non-cruelty-free purchases were made in 2020.

I am assuming I don't have any non-cruelty-free products anymore (few lipsticks excluded). Also for all the skincare purchases I made this year, I selected brands that have adopted sustainable approach from manufacturing to packaging. So in terms of adhering to sustainable life choices, it was a good year.

I don't have any favourites, pan projects for 2020. Getting eight hours of sleep and working in PJs: What more can I ask for? The year 2020 was insipid if I may describe it in one word. Everything came to pass like clockwork: wakeup, work, nap, study, sleep. Creativity and I broke up; I am wondering if it is mutual 😂. I cannot recall doing anything exceptional this year; I had nothing happening to fill in my journal, absolutely nothing. My bullet journal for 2020 is blank. Down the line, I don't think I'll even have any good memory from 2020.

I'm trying to pull it together in 2021. Already started planning and setting goals for first half of 2021; I might as well just think of resolutions for the sake of "it".

A blogpost a month: I often run out of ideas for blogging, so I kept it that way for the year 2020; I have thesis to complete ("just done with one chapter"—I have been rattling off this statement throughout 2020), and it takes up all my time. I am planning to post anything, just about anything, as a blogpost here.

More skincare? I don't feel like posting things I dislike anymore; just not my thing. I will never take anybody's word before purchasing skincare. My skin has a mind of its own—lets not talk about abrupt seasonal and sleep changes. 😐 I am just going to try adding a little more discipline to my routine.

More makeup? I did little tidying up of my stuff last week, and I had no idea I had this new, unopened Tarte face primer. I need better ideas to store my stash, or I may need to better my eyesight. Such times make me feel I need to have better control over my definitions of "need" and "want", and that I am overdoing things all.the.time. 

Swatches: Someday I am going to take everything out and swatch all my favourites and put up. I just don't know when that will be.

Writing it down: This is something I am just going to do it. I remember imagining eyemakeup inspired by "Ten of Cups", but when I tried attempting it few days later, I had forgotten all about it. I feel the need to jot down my ideas. I keep forgetting things.

I foresee myself focussing on skincare more than makeup (I really wonder if I will be wearing any). Also, I don't see any pan projects happening in 2021 either, but I do have my wishlist ready.😏

I will submit my thesis this year, and I will pretend I don't have stardust in my eyes! 😎 I hope 2021 turns out great for everyone!