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Five Cruelty-free, SLS & SLES Free Shampoos for Amazing Hair

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Few years back, I switched to using shampoos devoid of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), and that has made a world of difference between how my hair felt before and after. Thin hair runs in the genes, so I had to look out for products, methods and techniques to maintain the texture and volume of my hair.

The five benefits I noticed after switching to SLS free shampoo:
  • bouncier hair 
  • no clogged pores and acne due to silicones in shampoo and conditioner 
  • less amount required 
  • squeaky clean scalp 
  • no stripping off of natural oils. 
Here are six five cruelty-free, SLS-free, SLES- and paraben-free shampoos I have curated:

The Nature's Co Shampoos

The Nature's Co is PETA certified cruelty-free and contains natural ingredients. The surfactant used is derived from coconut. You can read more here. I have used Nori Hair cleanser; you can read an in-depth post here.  

The other variants available are as follows:
Barley Volumising Hair Cleanser
Apple-Guava Hair Cleanser
Marigold Hair Cleanser
Watercress Hair Cleanser
Sandalwood Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

Lush Shampoos and Bars

The news of Lush relaunching in India circulated when they had completely shut down. I wonder what happened to that! Lush Shampoos contain gentle surfactants such as ammonium laureth sulphate (ALS) and sodium alkyl sulfate. Lush claims that their shampoo bars are for people with sensitive scalp. Sigh! I want Ro's Argan and Jason and the Argan oil!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Conditioner

These are the most amazing, refreshing shampoo and conditioner I have used ever. A soft, mild scent yet refreshing; these both left my hair feeling extremely soft. I wish these were available at Sephora India. Their shampoo and conditioner are silicone-free too.

Himalaya Daily Shampoo

I never repurchased this after 2012, I honestly felt the ingredient list was incomplete. This does contain same surfactant base (ALS) as Lush. I did try their protein shampoo and felt that it did make my hair feel a bit thicker to touch. This is by far the cheapest SLS-free shampoo available in India.

Soulflower Shampoo Bars

Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo bar is my favourite. I always stock up on the mentioned variant. Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo bar dries out my hair and scalp, and Let your Hair down shampoo makes my hair greasy pretty quickly. I have a criterion for liking shampoos: two days down and no grease; a keeper!

Kama Ayurveda Shampoos*

Update: The second ingredient on the list is SLES. Although it is SLS-free, it is not SLES-free.

*This list is updated on 22 May 2020.



  1. I would love to try the Lavender Soulflower Shampoo bar, but my hair is really long which makes strong smelling shampoos too much for me. How intense would you say the smell is?

  2. Great list and himalaya is my favourite as its free of chemicals. but would surely like to try others too especially lavender one.

  3. I'm not sure what SLS or SLES is, but it's great that you've found cruelty free products that your hair benefits from. I also have thin hair and have to rely heavily on products to give me more volume. I have to check these out!

  4. I have only used SLS free defabulous shampoos for the last 3 years .It has made my hair clean less frizzy and much less hair fall

  5. Since my hair is tightly coiled/curled I'm also looking for SLS free shampoo. Might I also suggest the co-wash bar from Lush. It works wonders for cleansing the hair without stripping it.

    Aitza B |

  6. Hey-lo,

    I've actually never even really thought about whether my hair products are cruelty free. I'm usually so wrapped up in trying to find a product that actually works on my curls. It's so difficult. I may check out that co-wash bar that Aitza suggests, but I haven' had much luck with Lush's hair products.

  7. I am yet to find a shampoo that cleans up my hair and stay like that for at least 2 days. I am intrigued to try the Lush shampoo.

  8. I love this! And of course being cruelty free is the best way to go, I'll definitely be sharing this with my vegan friends.

  9. Hey! Girlie! Long time! It's a well researched post. I share the same hair like you. After moving back to US, I dedicated myself to Lush shampoo bars, Hask and recently got a set of Living proof to try. I am addicted to the Living Proof dry shampoo.
    On a side note, Matrix, Bed head ruined my hair and I only used them twice.


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