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Messy Hair, Bold brows, Nerd Glasses Makeup | Two Makeup Looks to Wear With Glasses

I have been wearing glasses since I was 11, and glasses weren't stylish back then. I shied away from wearing them and switched to contacts as soon as my ophthalmologist recommended them. I never preferred glasses unless it was a necessity where makeup was out of the question and eye makeup was not even a choice!

I prefer wearing glasses these days and coordinating my makeup and clothing. Just these geeky nerdy glasses.

I never found an eyewear that fits right or looks good on my small face. I am much amused to pair bold brows with glasses. To be honest, this isn't the usual nerdy; this is just a basic wayfarer frame, the smallest I could hunt down.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow Pomade has me spaced out, and I tend to go overboard a lot! I am just wearing the Brow Pomade here in these pictures. I have asymmetrical brows; one is arched and thick and another is straight and sparse.

I took pictures of two looks I wear often, mostly in hurry. Bold brows, nerdy glasses and no-makeup makeup & bold brows paired with coordinated cheeks and lips. I abstained from wearing extremely bold opaque lipstick.

All I did was fill in the blanks using dip brow pomade.

In the picture above, I am wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation mixed with The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. I did set my T-zone with Kryolan Translucent Powder and bronzed-up my skin using Physicians Formula Bronzer. For lips, I smeared Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 7 to add a diffused coral warmth. I did skip blush and eye makeup except for mascara.

And lots of curling!

For hair, I did half up and half down and secured them with bobby pins.

makeup for glasses Bold Brows messy hai nerdy glasses makeup

Stripes and bright lips is one of my favourite combinations. Because I'd never wear red lipstick with solid black shirt. Never. Don't even ask me why?!

I have used a tinted lip balm instead of full blown opaque colour since I bronzed my cheeks and temples. For base, I am wearing a combination of MAC Matchmaster and Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum for medium coverage. I generously bronzed my side face in shape of three, added a little bronzer in the crease as well.  I applied mascara after lots of eyelash curling!
For cheeks and lips, I used the same product (shea butter + almond oil + Sleek Lip paint in Pinkini).
I have used this as lip and cheek tint, blending on the apples of my cheeks using a Beauty Blender. Precisely, I wanted diffused pink on the cheeks. I love wearing lipstick as blush.

makeup looks for women who wear glasses

I am listing my five favourite makeup tips and tricks for women who wear glasses:

Light coverage to avoid spectacle marks

I prefer light coverage foundation, and I cannot bear the layers—primer, foundation, concealer—unless I am taking photographs. In real, I prefer looking even instead of camouflaged. If you want to add coverage, adding a long wearing primer (and using eyeshadow primer on the bridge where glasses rest) and pressing the foundation into the skin works. Make sure to set your foundation and concealer in place before wearing glasses.

Brighten the under-eyes and add mascara

Eyes appear smaller through glasses. I make sure to curl my eyelashes at least twice before adding a layer or two of mascara. Do not build too much, as it can lead to streaks and smudges on glasse—skip lengthening mascara and switch to volumising one. I skip eyeliner altogether and tight line if need be or use an eyeshadow to elongate the shape of my eyes. Do not forget to brighten your under-eyes with illuminating concealer or finishing powder.

Subtle lips vs bold lips

I never experimented pairing bold lips with glasses. Perhaps, I am too meek to pair them and effortlessly carry it off. I would prefer subtly coloured lips for a natural look or bright tinted balms and glosses (blotted) any time.

Neutral eyeshadows

I cannot wear glittery sparkly colours on my eyelids when I am wearing glasses. Glasses and glittery eye makeup just throws me off balance; I mean that is not for me. All I do is prime my eyelids to even out the discolouration and add bronzer in the crease.

Bold, bolder, boldest

Now this is not the kind of drawing I prefer. I keep my shape natural and asymmetrical and draw on strokes with pomade or pencil, creating thin strokes of hair, mimicking the natural ones. Perfectly done symmetrical brows somehow look unnatural to me. At times I set my brows using just clear brow gel, or soap for hold, but most days pomade or pencil works just fine!


  1. You look great! When I was younger I had glasses too and I never knew how to do my make up! Thanks for sharing this

  2. I love this! I wear my glasses all the time because I love how they make me look. I love pairing my purple colored glasses with a subtle nude lip color. It's the perfect lazy look.

  3. I love this look! I used to wear glasses before I had lasik and I wouldn't be surprised if I had to wear glasses again someday!

  4. This was lovely and so informative. My cousin always needs help with this and I'm the one she goes to but I have no clue but now I do. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I wish my natural brows were that full. I wear glasses and found these tips really helpful.

  6. I remember as a kid wearing glasses and hated them, never wore them again but things have certainly changed now and loving your makeup with glasses

  7. I recently started wearing glasses and realised I had to change my makeup routine! this was a helpful read!

  8. I wear glasses as well. So annoying to coverify up my beautiful winged eyeliner. Great tups, very useful for me.

  9. So that's for me with Bold brows & nerdy glasses ! Loved the tips for sure & shall gonna keep in mind while going for an outing or party:)

  10. Good tips for the days i'm wearing my glasses and still want to look chic!

  11. I found this helpful and also keep this in mind. The glasses looks good on you.

  12. Thanks for sharing your beauty tutorial! I also wear nerdy eyewear, but my bf (he is in luxury industry) told me to combine nerdy eyeglasses and always fix my hair, no messy hair because it suits my facial frame :)

  13. I am wearing glasses too. But I never thought like that what I learned from you today :)

  14. You are a natural beauty! I really love the bold lip color but both looks are equally pretty :)


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