Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleek,Hands down: A Sleek Haul

Just then I was confused with so many things on my mind. I knew what I wanted and It was hands down Sleek for me.
I'm glad my package was not mishandled and reached me safely.

I got two Eyeshadow palettes and one blush,but I think I have to shop again pretty surely.
Sleek I-divine Acid Palette and Au Naturel, with Sleek Flamingo Blush.

Sleek I-divine Au Naturel


Sleek Blush in Flamingo

I am simply awestruck with Au-Naturel. And now there is something I'm going to use everyday.
I cannot imagine more happiness than finding someday(before its too late) that I've just hit the pan!
I'm surely repurchasing this one again.
And for Flamingo Blush, see for yourself ;-)

Now I canot wait to get some more from Sleek.

Well My bill was $30.44 including the shipping and I had to pay 330 INR as customs.
Not much of a pinch to my pocket.

Total Spent: Around 2000 Bucks!
Remember there wasn't a single crack or slight damage. That makes me more happy!