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Current Bath Product Favourites ft Grace Cole and The Body Shop

Current Bath Favourites, The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel, Grave Cole Products in India

There is nothing more liberating than a warm fuzzy bath lit with vanilla scented candle. Unwinding the mind and relaxing was once my favourite routine at the end of the day.
Before switching cruelty-free, I would just pick up the regular shower gels and body washes available at the supermarkets. Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Shower Gel, The Body Shop Vit E bar, Vaseline Coco Lotion and Dove Green Tea and Cucumber Body was being my absolute favourites!

After decluttering my Non-Cruelty-Free bath products, I went straight to The Body Shop and picked these my favourite fragrance among the range. My choices are more inclined towards Floral or Fruity-Floral. I do like their Atlas Mountain Rose as well but this one has to be my all-time favourites. Long time back I had tried The Body Shop Cassis Rose EDT. I secretly wish TBS brings it back though it is/was not available in India. I may get this one from the US this time!

Bath Favourites The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel, The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel:
I exclusively adore the fragrance, if not the texture. I have an Achilles heel for fragrances, a cosmic conscious connection. Though this shower gel is a bit drying on my skin, I don't mind moisturising post shower. The gel is supremely foaming for a squeaky clean feeling.
I use this with The Body Shop Bath Lily and Exfoliating Gloves. Though the fragrance is not overpowering and does not linger for long. That is why I lock the fragrance with the Body butter.
I have been using this since the first week of June, only 50% has been used. [Though I alternate between Grace Cole.] So even if you use this daily, it should last for 4 months.
Price: 425 INR for 250 ml

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter:
I strictly picked this up for the fragrance. I tried their Body Mist, and they don't even stay on me for 2 hours. So certainly I avoided getting the mist and picked the Body Butter instead. I also use Bio oil post showers at night sometimes and it instantly absorbs without any residues. But this does stain the under clothing. [Needless to mention Mumbai's humidity.]
But I do like this one in winters, I should be finishing off in a week or two. I may pick up Soap & Glory or Grace Cole or maybe stick to my fave (staining) Shea butter.
Price: 1095 INR, I picked up when it was 995 INR

Grace Cole Products in India, Grace Cole Vanilla Blush and Peony Body Scrub, Grace Cole White Rose and Lotus Flower Foam Bath

Grace Cole White Rose & Lotus Flower Indulgent Foam Bath:
I initially contemplated to get the shower gel, but I changed my mind thinking 'Indulgent' must be something fancy. I was wrong. This does not dry out my skin and is rather slightly creamier but sans the creamy texture. The fragrance is slightly faint for my liking and does not linger at all. I can smell rose but no trace of lotus. I find that in spite of disliking the fragrance, I tend to use this one more than The Body Shop Moringa gel.
This works exclusively well with bath lily and not with the Exfoliating gloves. With the lack of foam, the gloves turn scratchy. The quantity is generous enough to last 5-6 months.
Price: 560 INR for 500ml from Jabong.

Grace Cole White Rose & Lotus Flower Indulgent Foam Bath Review India
For the Bow & Bokeh lovers. =)
Grace Cole Vanilla Blush and Peony Body Scrub:
This Body Scrub is eco-friendly bead-based, as mentioned on the list. The Scrub is creamy with mild fragrance and exfoliation. The beads are not harsh even and the cream foams mildly on scrubbing. A silky feeling is all left after rinsing. This is an absolute favourite for humid weathers even to skin moisturiser post scrubbing. But that is a sin, you ought to hydrate/ moisturise your skin post exfoliation.
Price: 490 INR for 238ml (got it on discount) from Jabong.

I don't think any of these are repurchase worthy, given that use them up till you are tired. *.*

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