Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My Current Hand creams

I sanitize and clean my hands a lot. I get a sloppy feeling when I can’t clean/wash my hands. I wash them quite often and sanitize when outdoors.
I have dry hands, extreme in winters and if comes in contact with detergent/harsh soap all I am left with is chapped hands. (Allergic to harsh soaps/detergents)
I am listing down my favorites and not-so favorite hand creams.

The Body Shop Festive Hand cream Trio, Ginger Sparkle, Cranberry Joy and Vanilla Bliss

The Body Shop Festive Hand Cream Trio (Cruelty-Free)
This was gifted by my Brother- in-law, I think a December 2013 edition . The Trio includes Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss and Ginger Sparkle. I liked the idea of fragrance combination: Fruity, Woody and Spicy. I am floral lover, fruity-floral at the most.
These leave an oily residue, which I dislike but these make hands baby soft overnight. But the moisturization is not good enough for my extreme dry hands. I dislike using these during day time as well.

This one’s for chapped hands due to soap/detergent recommended by T. My sensitive skin reacts with harsh soaps/detergents. This has been so far a sigh of relief from chapped hands. No oily residue, it absorbs and leaves a soft veil, which disappears after sometime.
This is I guess the cheapest of the lot. I have noticed my nails grow faster when I use this cream.
I can't recall the price, I discarded the outer carton.

Neutrogena Hand cream
for INR 300

If you want to use hand cream and not feel like you have applied any. (You get what I’m saying)
I would call this an invisible hand cream; it provides instant relief. I adore this I am while reading; it does not stain my books and pages. This fairly works for my chapped hands too.
I suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms), so if I use this outdoors it melts off with palm sweat. To keep it intact, I have to rub it in my palms. (Imagine rubbing back your sweat back on your skin. Eeeks!)

Etude House Mini Pet Handcreams in India

Etude Mini Pet Hand cream for $5.50 each
This is light hydration and results in instant soft hands. It does absorb quickly and does not leave a residue. I absolutely love the instant soft hands; I sometimes layer this with The body shop’s hand cream at night. My palms sweat a lot when I wear this outdoors, especially in warmer months.
I need to hydrate my hands after I sanitize or else, the skin feels extremely dry. I sometimes apply this to my elbows and knees, they turn incredibly soft.
I spotted same Sharpeners online on some Korean stationery site.

So If I had to narrow down to one, I am happy with Aquasoft but I am still looking out for a hand cream which does not leave an oily residue, break my palms into sweat and work for my chapped fingers.

I'm mentioning the Cruelty-Free brands till I post a consolidated list Post of C-F Brands with citations/ref list.


  1. All the cream sound great! I have an Etude house body lotion and the body shop shower gels that I looove, but never tried hand creams from them. I will get some next time I shop in these shops :)

    Kisses, Kali

  2. Goshh.. you have such a lovely collection of hand creams.. I want those cute Etude house minis in my bag!! :P

    Yet to try TBS handcreams too but liked the Neutrogena one for my dry hands.. :)

  3. I love Thye Body Shop Almond hand cream and has been using for the past few years, I am a hand cream addict but always come back to the TBS one


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