Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Birthday Haul and Makeup

April is one of those favorite months in my book, where I could just think of nothing and go with the flow.
I have nothing else much to do, since I am always stuck with exams in April.
And fortunately or unfortunately, I had an exam on my Birthday as well. sigh.
So the celebration winded up at midnight, and I went back to burn the oil, studying. And I just experimented with my Morning Makeup attending my Cheeks most!
And That was the only special thing about my day. :P

For Face:
Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige.
Maybelline Clear Glow Powder

For Cheeks:
Sleek Flamingo

For Eyes: 
A Gold eyeshadow from MUA Heaven and Earth
Maybelline Drama Gel eyeliner
MUA Eyeshadow Primer

Lakme Lip love conditioner in Hottie on Lips.

The colors may look less vibrant with the picture clicked in bright light.

I returned home and slept at stretch for next 10 hours, like a baby.

But then I celebrated it a few days ago by splurging and shopping whole day out with my BFF & Sister.
Here what I gifted myself ;)

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Mist, Shower Gel and Body Lotion India

Lotus Herbals Sunblock SPF 90, The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Paper and Cleansing Wipes, Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry, The Body Shop Love Etc India

The Sexiest EDT I ever smelt ;)

TheBody Shop Love ETC Eau De Toilette

Okay The Body Shop Tea Tree Wet Tissues were impulse buy! Sheer waste of money. That is one regret! phew.


  1. Happy birthday! Loving your TBS goodies. Sleek Flamingo looks lovely on you. What's the MUA eye primer like?

  2. Thanks Renu :)
    Its decent and easy on the pocket :D

  3. Ahhaaan ! Looking pretty as alwayzz ;)
    Awesome haul ! <3

  4. Lovely haul.
    Looking v pretty pranali. .muahhh :*:*

  5. Where did you get the MUA products from?

  6. Where did you buy the MUA eyeshadow primer and Heaven and Earth eye shadows from? I've been looking for them in Mumbai.

    1. Hi Nadezna,
      MUA is available on their website : http://www.muastore.co.uk/
      Its not available in Mumbai. You have to order them online.

  7. Happy B'day :)
    You Looking Really Pretty!


    TBS Love Etc. Is Really a Lovely Perfume!


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