Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Beauty Miracle!

I am myopic and I use contacts daily for 8-10 hours. My eyes are allergic to dust and pollution; they swell up every morning. I have to spend time dunking my face in cold water to reduce the swelling. Some one or two years ago, my eyes caught infection which led to eyelash fall. There was a small gap, a mustard-sized gap on my right eyelash.
My Opth said eyelashes that fall due to infection, generally do not grow back. I was disheartened, I smeared Vaseline every night before going to bed, but it did not help. The gap was noticeable only if looked closely.

Two years have passed, I left the hope of it growing back. I used to dot that part with kajal or eyeliner. Last week, I googled again, and to my disappointment some websites mentioned the same.
"Fallen Eyelashes do not grow back"
I had tried Vaseline, Castor oil & Coconut oil. Nothing happened as I feared.

With my increased disappointment, along came my summer skincare. I have started using Evion Oil (Vit E oil cap) as night moisturizer. I thought why not smear some on my eyelashes too? To make them dense and thick?
It was just that one night, when I neatly smeared some Vit E oil on the lash less gap.

Almost a week later

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My Summer Skincare Routine

The scorching summer makes my skin dull, dehydrated and dark, even with little sun exposure. I invest most of my time looking after my skin, especially during summer. I follow a simple routine on weekdays and try to stay indoors as much as possible.

I am currently using Cetaphil cleanser for my morning routine.
I am also using a home-made cleanser thrice a week post cleansing.

Home-made cleanser: A cup of Oats flakes (powdered) and a half cup of Milk powder.
It is to be stored in airtight jar and avoid contact with water.

It cleans, exfoliates and nourishes. Lactic acid present in milk powder lightens and helps soothe sun damaged skin. Skin is squeaky clean without the stretchy feeling. Sometimes I drop few drops of Rose essential oil or fresh rose crushed petals.

Himalaya Refreshing Skin Toner.

I love Johnson and Johnson’s baby lotion (the pink version), all year long. I let it absorb on my damp skin, locking the moisture. It hydrates without the greasy feeling.

Sun block/Sunscreen:

I currently have 5 Sun blocks.
1) Lotus Sun block SPF 30 Indian Summer Formula
2) Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun block SPF 50
3) VLCC Surya Sandal Sun block
4) Photoban
5) Lakme Sun expert SPF 34 lotion.

I often use Lotus Sun block SPF 30 Indian Summer Formula; it does not get absorb but leaves a transparent veil on face. It creates a barrier between skin and sun.
Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun block SPF 50 - If I am out during afternoon or carry it for touch up that I hardly do. I am lazy like that.

VLCC Surya Sandal Sun block - I did not like much, its oily so I use it on my body.

Photoban - Recommended by the Derma, I did not like it much; it is runny and very oily.

Lakme Sun expert
- I use it indoors as a moisturiser; It sinks in the skin which I find is weird trait for Sun block.

Tinted Moisturizer:
Biotique Red Sandalwood Tinted moisturiser SPF 30.
A few minutes after Sun block settles.

Neutrogena Lip balm SPF 15, the best so far in terms of SPF.

My Skin care routine in the evening

 I cleanse off my face and follow with a calamine to soothe sun burn, if any.

At Night:

I cleanse and tone my skin with the same products, I use in the morning except for the moisturizer. I apply Evion on the pigmented areas and leave it overnight.
I prefer slathering my lips with Biotique Morning nectar balm.

I scrub twice a week and use de-tan face mask post scrubbing.
I like using fresh Aloe vera gel sometimes as soothing gel post sun exposure.
Clay based facemask and post mask, I use cucumber or cider as toner.

Apart from the mentioned routine, I make sure I keep myself hydrated.
To beat the weather I love spritzing my face with Dabur Gulabari Rose water.

That’s much work, I like keeping my routine clean and simple.