Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Beauty Miracle!

I am myopic and I use contacts daily for 8-10 hours. My eyes are allergic to dust and pollution; they swell up every morning. I have to spend time dunking my face in cold water to reduce the swelling. Some one or two years ago, my eyes caught infection which led to eyelash fall. There was a small gap, a mustard-sized gap on my right eyelash.
My Opth said eyelashes that fall due to infection, generally do not grow back. I was disheartened, I smeared Vaseline every night before going to bed, but it did not help. The gap was noticeable only if looked closely.

Two years have passed, I left the hope of it growing back. I used to dot that part with kajal or eyeliner. Last week, I googled again, and to my disappointment some websites mentioned the same.
"Fallen Eyelashes do not grow back"
I had tried Vaseline, Castor oil & Coconut oil. Nothing happened as I feared.

With my increased disappointment, along came my summer skincare. I have started using Evion Oil (Vit E oil cap) as night moisturizer. I thought why not smear some on my eyelashes too? To make them dense and thick?
It was just that one night, when I neatly smeared some Vit E oil on the lash less gap.

Almost a week later

Yesterday evening, while scrubbing my face and dancing around the mirror, noticing my eyebrows and making faces.
Don't you girls do that too? :D
I saw a tiny little hair, almost minute little baby growing up in that gap.
Geez! I was on air!
I just had experienced a miracle!

Moral: Smear some Vit E oil/Evion Oil Capsule on your Eyelashes, for thicker and long lashes!
If you lost some lashes like me, a miracle is waiting for you too, go figure!

P.S. Maybe, just maybe I've hyped too much here. But imagine I have had lost two EYELASHES in the battle with an eye infection. :-(


  1. wow...Pranali.good for you. I ve thin lashes maybe I should try it. I am Myopic. I too use contact lenses for long ours. Take care of your eye.

    1. Ray,You can try too :) Hope It will work for you too.
      Thank you :D

  2. wowww i have heard it alwaz bt nvr read any proof abt it
    wil try it

    1. Vish,I tried castor oil but didnot work for me.But Vit.E oil did :)
      Thank you :)

  3. did the miracle happen over night? :O just one application? it' hard to believe ..... do revert back , waiting for ur answer

  4. Zinnia,I don't think It happened overnight,But yes just one application.The night I applied,the gap was still hairless. And that is why it is a miracle for me :) :)
    I tried capturing,But it is not clearly visible in the photograph.
    Thank you :)


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