Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Shade gone wrong ~ Fixing Wrong Shade Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Have you ever bought a Liquid Foundation or a Tinted Moisturizer that mismatches you skin tone even after trying at the counter/store?

I have!
Always a shade or two darker.
I was desperate to try Biotique Tinted Moisturizer.
There were no testers available at Health and Glow store.
So I happily bought the Rose variant, assuming it has to do with the fragrance rather than the tint. It was much of a disappointment not to experiment. It wouldn't suit, even under Sun block or Foundation.

I tried setting it with an Ivory Compact/A shade lighter than your skin tone. It evened out and looked natural. Since the Tinted Moisturizer is a bit heavier on my normal skin, I like mattifying the dewiness with a compact. I do like the dewiness of this Tinted moisturizer though.
I top a layer of the compact dusting with Blusher brush on top of the Tinted moisturized skin. And Voila! It works fine.
How do you fix wrong shade errors?

#Beauty Tip

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Beauty Miracle!

I am myopic and I use contacts daily for 8-10 hours. My eyes are allergic to dust and pollution; they swell up every morning. I have to spend time dunking my face in cold water to reduce the swelling. Some one or two years ago, my eyes caught infection which led to eyelash fall. There was a small gap, a mustard-sized gap on my right eyelash.
My Opth said eyelashes that fall due to infection, generally do not grow back. I was disheartened, I smeared Vaseline every night before going to bed, but it did not help. The gap was noticeable only if looked closely.

Two years have passed, I left the hope of it growing back. I used to dot that part with kajal or eyeliner. Last week, I googled again, and to my disappointment some websites mentioned the same.
"Fallen Eyelashes do not grow back"
I had tried Vaseline, Castor oil & Coconut oil. Nothing happened as I feared.

With my increased disappointment, along came my summer skincare. I have started using Evion Oil (Vit E oil cap) as night moisturizer. I thought why not smear some on my eyelashes too? To make them dense and thick?
It was just that one night, when I neatly smeared some Vit E oil on the lash less gap.

Almost a week later