Thursday, September 10, 2015

Green with Envy: Golden Olive Eyes & Muted Coral-Orange Lips Makeup Tutorial

Green with Envy: Golden Olive Eyes & Muted Coral-Orange Lips Makeup Tutorial

I am enamoured of Gold Eyeshadows, I cannot get over them. I am planning to customise a palette from Inglot for I am love-struck.  *.*
I have this Moss Green in Sleek Acid Palette, which if worn alone looks magnificent. But I had something Gold infused Olive Green Eyeshadow in my mind. And I don’t have any...
So I decided to mix eyeshadows to create the colour I want. Voila!
My very own Olive Gold Eyeshadow: Muted Gold from MUA palette + Moss Green from Sleek.
I have been mixing lipsticks, but this would be my first attempt at mixing compact eyeshadows.
Here is the breakdown of Tutorial; I’ll explain the best I can.

golden olive smokey eye tutorial in India, Makeup Tutorial

For Face:
MAC Matchmaster in 5.0, applied with fingers and buffed using a buffing brush.
MAC Prolong wear in NC42 for acne marks that are still healing & Under the eyes.
Kryolan Fixing powder in P4 dusted lightly for setting the base makeup.

For Golden Olive Eyes:
Applied the Moss Green mixed with Muted gold on the brush on the entire eyelid.
I layered both the colours till I got the desired intensity of both.
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Taupe in the crease, following my natural crease. Both the eyeshadows blended well.
Matte Black eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette used for smoking out the outer V of my eyelid. My left eye is more hooded than the right one. I decided to follow the natural hood for both the eyes.
Lined my eyes to elongate them with Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner, skipped my signature wing this time.
I also decided to skip my usual Volumizing Mascara and used Rimmel Extra Lash Mascara for lengthening instead. I wanted to wear falsies but they feel heavy and uneasy as of now.

For Cheeks:
Contoured my Cheeks and Nose with Sleek Contouring Palette in Light.
Highlighted my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose using Highlighter from the Palette.
Blush: Sleek Rose Gold.

For Lips:
MAC See Sheer.

Sleek Acid Palette MUA Heaven and Earth Kryolan Derma Color Fixing Powder Sleek Contouring Palette in Light MAC MAtch MAster MAC Prolong Wear NC42 NYX Single Eyeshadow in Taupe MAC See Sheer in India

I am mixing eyeshadows more now, and the love for Muted Gold is everlasting. =)
The makeup of the Day/Face of the Day clicking was extremely fun this time. I am falling in Love with my Canon 70D each passing day and the remote is a blessing!

*I am linking this look up the #TheMakeupMixup with the wonderful hosts Jaelan & Miranda

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