Making Green Choices

Monday, June 18, 2018

Making Green lifestyle choices for zero waste lifestyle, Eco-spirituality

It all began on that September morning of 2013 when we visited a beach polluted with plastic bags. We couldn't wait there for more than 5 minutes, so to speak. That wasn't alarming enough.

On a lighter note. I found a movie ticket from 2011 in my old bag, the one I saved with a purpose. All the printed letters have disappeared, it is blank. Trash.

I cannot exactly put my finger on the date it had begun, initially, it was a phase, I believed.
I had to sort my academic stuff after I finished college. My life needed spring cleaning in the midst of fall. The first step in action was to give up everything I was holding onto. Half-filled journals, pretty boxes saved to store things, newspaper-magazine cutouts, things that are nothing more than a graveyard of pleasant- unpleasant memories. In a way, clutter-free, minimalistic living was what I wanted.
As I sat in front of all these things, it just hit me. hard. I'm not the only one. In that brief moment, my imagination multiplied it 10, 1000, million times. It was like growing up in a second.
But I see that all my struggles, efforts have failed. I shredded all of it from an analytical perspective before I could even sum up my courage to put this in writing. I wanted this to go live on  Earth Day coincidentally happens to be my birthday but honestly what I was trying to put up? failure?

My initial action towards a minimal and ecological lifestyle included all these:


1) I gave up Face scrubs way back, I almost forgot how they must feel against my skin. The beads can block gills and kill fishes.

2) Recycling jars and containers to store DIY stuff.

3) I stopped using cotton pads instead I bought few microfiber cloths for makeup removal. For toners, I am thinking of getting the reusable ones. But for now, I'm following the serum technique.

4) Giving up Shampoo. Shampoo & Body washes empty bottles, 6 each for 12 months on an average.
Imagined my lifetime bottle trash. I switched to Shampoo bars. I am even considering making them on my own. I haven't figured out the body wash alternative yet. I cannot imagine me & soap bar together.

5) Am I the only one who hates paperboard and full plastic sealed packaging?

6) I don't like sheet face masks. I tried them twice, only. But logically, it is a serum infused sheet. Just spray-soak your face with the same, you'll save a sheet!

7) I wish every brand starts a recycling program. I'd very much prefer glass packaging for everything. Lets just forget glass packaging as a con for once.

8) No skincare wipes, No blotting papers. I had to be strict with myself for these two things.
No sanitising wipes, I feel incomplete at times. I think I have one of each for extreme emergencies. I think I gave up using facial tissues back in 2011, I switched to cotton kerchiefs.

9) As insignificant as it may sound but I've started opting for bulkier versions of bottles. So that I don't end up cluttering with 3 bottles for 3 months when I can minimise it to one.


I hoard stationery. Anything fancy, I pick it up. I collect pens, needless to say I have as many as I can store. Notebooks, Journals and Diaries too, I have 6 blank, sealed ones I don't know for what I'd use them. Hoarding gets crazy at times.

1) I reflected on the past only to see how I misused the mighty pen. I would go through One Pilot Hi-tech for approximately 6 essay answers. For the amount that we had to write it is disturbing since I disliked refilling them because they would leak.
I refill them now, I don't care if they leak and colour my fingers. I love inkstained fingers!

2) I stopped scribbling or writing ideas on paper. I stopped journaling or making daily diary entries. I use private blogging, Evernote and Microsoft word now.

3) I cannot decide between wooden pencils and mechanical pencils. FAIL

4) I don't opt for ATM receipts.

5) I've stopped using post-its for trivial things. I use reminders on the phone instead.

6) For all things related to writing, I cannot find easy alternatives, I simply write using pencil and erase and reuse the paper.

7) Ebook is such a heavy heart choice for printed word lovers. I try my best, to  avoid 'that' fancy  limited cover page edition.


1) Sanitary napkins, No thank you. There are eco-friendly alternatives to suit every woman.

2) Water bottles. FAIL. Glass bottles/Metal bottles turn out too heavy to carry.

3) I have killed my desire to get those PVC neon bags for the monsoon. No PVC anything.

4) For all that is perishable, Compost for the plants.

5) I plant my own herbs.

6) Vegan ways for ecological balance.

7) No more food-coffee takeaways. Major FAIL

How did I fail?

1) I cannot stop my lazy self from buying things online to save time and effort which has its own ecological disadvantages: packaging, airbags and plastic packaging.

2) Some days I consciously contribute to Non-Ecofriendly ways like an old habit.

3) Some days minimalistic approaches don't seem to work. And there is so much more than I think I should be doing.

On the brightest side, I've turned into this secretly unapologetic eco-spiritual woman on a mission.
There are days I drift away and seriously fail to adhere to one thing. Takeaway Coffee. I think I should give it up.

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  1. I think you really did a good job working on your minimal and ecological lifestyle. Even with a few 'fails', at least you tried. I, for one, Am also a major online shopper. ugh.

  2. I moved to the beach in 2016 and I can't tell you how educated I have become about plastic EVERYTHING from bags, to balloons, to straws. Most of the restaurants don't even have straws now because of the damage it causes to our sea life. I actually have a stainless steel straw that I carry EVERYWHERE with me. Also, I've always been a hoarder when it comes to stationary and journals, pens and markers! HA! I'm glad to know I'm in good in company! Thanks for sharing such great recycling tips!! (K. McAllister)

  3. Yes, I hear you on this one!! I am always trying to be more eco - friendly and recycling is a big thing in our house x

  4. I am so proud of you for giving green-choices in variety of day to day lifestyle. I am going to share this among my pages and network. Thank you for being so thoughtful for our mother nature!

  5. Really great idea, definitely trying to be more green so will take some of these tips for sure


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