Sunday, April 23, 2017

Birthday Acquisition, Makeup, and Face of the Day

I had to choose between diamonds and makeup.

I chose Makeup.

And for accomplishing 3 major goals in 2016 (one in 2017), after working hard for months and numerous sleepless nights (Thank you Redbull!) I decided to treat myself to some luxury makeup in spite of my project pan challenge. I seem to go on purchasing makeup and keep forgetting about it. I lack sincerity with project panning!

Here's the makeup flatlay

Soft Rose Gold Aesthetic and Makeup Tutorial

My theme for makeup as well as aesthetic was Rose gold. I paired a soft rose gold smokey with soft mauve lips. That lip colour was not on my mind, but I have been wearing Cannes lot, to skip it for once; I mixed Zurich and Marc Jacob's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I wore Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and dusted the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder over my T-zone lightly.
My base, illuminated and extremely light with bronzed glow, I did skip contouring today. And after taking pictures, I realized I need to fix my eyebrows, I fixed them, wiped off my lipstick and stepped out.

I have zillion Lace blouses, tops and tanks and every time I see lace, mesh or anything similar I have to purchase it (and regret later.) But this is something I had to include in my collection. I didn't have anything forest green!

Zara Embroidered Eyelash Lace Top

And here's my humble Face of the Day!

Soft Rose Gold Makeup for Indian skin

Closeup shot of my illuminated base makeup

Dewy Skin Soft Rose Gold Makeup Tutorial

 And here's the birthday acquisition (for succeeding goals and ignoring my skin all the while!)
My laugh lines are running deeper due to lack of skincare and I am determined to switch to a skincare routine preventing dry patches and developing lines/wrinkles. You can check my acquisition here

Beautylish Haul India, Charlotte Tilbury
From Me to Me :)
Brown paper packages tied up with strings. ;)


  1. You look fantastic! You picked out some great make up.

  2. Ahh.. that was elegant theme & you looked beautiful! Lovely note for treating on birthday post achieving goals:)

  3. Gotta love brown paper packages tied up with strings. I imagine that those are a few of your favorite things. ;-). You do look quite beautiful in the lace!

  4. You look lovely and the products look good too. I also love makeup and I loved the first line you wrote - I chose makeup and not diamonds. :)

  5. That's such a great challenge to try to reach the pan on your palettes, I don't think I've ever hit the pan in mine! I love the make-up look, it's fresh and natural but a little bit glam too!

  6. I have definitely reached the pan in my palettes. I do not generally swap out as much as I probably should.

  7. I am guilty of buying makeup and then stacking it and forgetting about them, Urban Decay Naked 3 included!!!


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