A Heart Shaped Mark and infinite stories...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

This all began on 14th February 2013.
I don't like Valentine's day: the way people see it. I celebrate Valentine's day, though. [It's complex, I cannot explain.]
I am a tea person, but for some vague reason. I switched to coffee that day. My pet parrot G wants to eat everything I eat. He sat on my lap and was playful because he wanted the coffee and he was peeping into the cup. With my resistance, I spilled a little bit on the ground.
And the coffee that was spilled on the ground was an exact, confirmable and undeniable Heart shape.
That just reminded me that it was Valentines.
I could not document the picture since my phone was drained off the battery.

And so many of such instances have been happening since 2013!
I have been documenting every heart shape, I found. All of them!

When I tell my parents and my best friend; all of them just laugh along with me. =D
I even had my foot stuck in a heart shaped puddle in the June of 2013.
As amusing as I could narrate every story with a childlike innocence, I did not even come close to deciphering the signs the Universe has been throwing at me.

Last week I discovered this!

Finding Heart Shapes

Finding Heart Shapes and Things

& in Bright daylight

Why am I finding Heart shapes

Heart symbols, repeating hearts, and what they mean

The Left Thigh! =)

... The Universe.

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