Friday, February 26, 2016

My Simple Skincare Routine for Hyperpigmention & Acne marks

It was not too long ago, I discovered a miracle product on my shelf. Sweet Almond Oil. I never used any eye creams until I got them as samples. I have always used Almond oil/Castor Oil for my under eye area, with or without dark circles. In the journey of discovering oils in skincare, I switched using oils for everything. From cleansing, to moisturizing to pampering.
That's when I discovered how my skin loves Sweet Almond Oil.

How I wake up to supple radiant skin.

Night Time Routine
You can read how I remove my Makeup here.

After Oil Cleansing Method, I massage my face with Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser and Rinse off.
Post cleansing, while my skin is damp, I massage a coin sized amount of Sweet Almond oil onto my face and neck including the under eye, lips and eyelashes. Just about every inch and every contour of my face. I have been using the same brand for years now.
If my eye area feels dry, I layer Dermalogica Eye cream.
For days when I feel, my skin is producing more oil. I use Philosophy no reason to hid on the old acne scars and around my mouth. And then smear oil on the lips, eyelashes and under eye area.
I like layering the Forest Essential Rose Petal lip balm upon almond oil since the lip balm has a strong artificial rosy fragrance. I am sure, they use the essential oil. The Almond Oil sweetness just takes it all away.

Daytime Routine

Daytime is all about Makeup for me, so skincare except the Moisturizer & sunblock is a low-key affair. For healing, my night time routine just works fine. I use the same cleanser for day & night routine. But Instead I spray my face post cleansing with Rosewater & Tea tree Essential oil both tone and soothe my skin, especially open blemishes. Tea tree Essential Oil is antiseptic and my acne dries out within a day or two. Holy Grail!
Follow up with Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion with Indian Rose & Marigold. Marigold is used for Acne but this lotion is extremely light for my normal/combination skin.
I layer Sunblock over this and proceed with my makeup.
For under eyes, I pat Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye cream and after 5 minutes or so, I wipe it off with a damp cotton pad. My concealer smudges and smears with it underneath. Fresh Soothing Rose Eye Gel worked great with my concealer.
I am running out of most of these things. I have switched to this routine since 1st January 2016  with a resolution of making skincare pivotal in my life. I am about to switch to a new routine from 1st March 2016.

How often do you switch routines? *.^