Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Summer Beauty | Makeup | Hair Hacks: Hot & Humid Weather Beauty Hacks

My Summer Beauty | Makeup | Hair Hacks: Hot & Humid Weather Beauty Hacks

I am sharing my SIX Summer Hacks ideal for Hot Humid Climate. Though some of these do take a little effort but were life changing for me.

How to Prevent Sweat Stains

Sweat Stains
For light to moderate sweating, these are ideal. These absorb underarm sweat and prevent Sweat stains.
I use Panty liners underneath almost anything with sleeves to avoid those sweat marks. Works great, make sure you find the soft ones. OR You can find Sweat pads online.

Oily, Sweaty Scalp
I shampoo every alternate day, though my hair turns dull and flat in just about a day. I spray Dry Shampoo or Baby powder before going to bed. I make sure, I keep them untied. So when I wake up next morning, I massage the powder/dry shampoo in circular motion and voila! VOLUME.
For Extra-Voluminous mane, I mix in Batiste XXXL with Baby powder and dust evenly on scalp.
I avoid blow drying since blow drying invites more sweat.

How to naturally eliminate body odour
Body/Sweat Odour
How do I keep off body odour/sweat odour without using an Antiperspirant Deodorant?
This is exclusively for masking the unpleasant sweat smell. This does not prevent sweating or clog pores, but instead mildly exfoliates when you wash off in shower.
I grind Alum powder to the finest I can and store into a jar. After shower I take a pinch of the powder and rub on the areas I tend to sweat more. [Credits to a blogger friend]
If you cannot find Alum powder or are lazy enough, Baking Soda works just the same. I am testing a DIY Deodorant as well check back soon!

Taming Fly aways and Baby Hair
I don't have much of baby hair, a few here and there extremely close to the hairline.
I don't like using hair wax to tame them. I simply use a clean mascara wand, spray on some Hair holding spray and brush them in the direction I want. And sometimes, I just tame them with Clear Brow gel. Works just fine for me.

Staying Fresh all day
When I did not use EDTs or EDPs, I did follow this. And I still do. Essential oils are vital part of my Hair care. I use Hair rinses with Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender to keep my scalp feeling fresh till next wash. And the best part, the more heat your hair accumulates, the more fragrance these oils release.
These rinses promote hair growth as well.
For Face mist: I prefer Peppermint, Tea tree and Sandalwood in 1:3:3 ratio in 100ml spray bottle.
Either Distilled/Mineral or Rose water with a drop of Vit. E oil. Great alternative to store bought Face Mists.
As Fragrance: I apply Rose Essential oil Or Jasmine on pulse points over Vaseline. These are multitasking, for balancing your mind, increasing memory. I use Vetiver Essential oil for boosting memory.
I think I cannot picture my shelves without these.

Do it yourself Blotting Sheets. Cheap DIYs

Blotting Sweat and Sebum
I have used and  despised The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Sheets (trashed it before I could use them all). I never repurchased Blotting sheets ever, instead I discovered an inexpensive alternative to them.
I always carry Facial Tissues (two whole packs) in my bag and pat sweat especially on hair line and under eyes. I dust the same tissues with Translucent Powder and when I pat, it absorbs oil and sweat exclusively. I cut them into squares so these Translucent Powder dusted Tissues are easier to carry around in an empty case.

I am compiling a post of Makeup Hacks since November 2014, lying around in my drafts. Its about time...

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