Friday, October 23, 2015

Is Natio Cruelty-free? UPDATE

I discovered Natio in late August while surfing through Amazon & Nykaa. The Brand sparked an inquisitiveness and I began researching on Youtube. I was flabbergasted to know the brand is Plant based and Cruelty-free. I wanted a statement, so I dropped Natio an email inquiring about their stance on being Cruelty-free. Here is the reply.

Dear Pranali

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Natio is always striving to produce the very best quality products for our customers and feedback such as yours helps us in this process.

Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. Neither our ingredients nor manufacturing processes harm animals. We actively support and have been accredited since 1996 by 'Choose Cruelty Free', an Australian organisation screening beauty care companies and helping consumers recognise genuine cruelty-free brands. We assure you that Natio very firmly opposes the testing of products on animals.

Natio does not currently export to mainland China due to mandatory animal testing to register products.  Natio is available in Sasa stores in HK, Malaysia and Taiwan where animal testing is not required to register products.

I trust this assists. Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for supporting Australian made products, which are not tested on animals.

Best regards

Sheridan Wright
Export Manager

I had already placed an order for Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation & Natio Pure Mineral Foundation (packaging replicates MAC Face & Body Foundation.) But unfortunately, the latter product went out of stock.
I had Acne back in August/September and I was and I am still psyched about the Foundation. I was planning to create a tutorial on my Mineral Foundation routine, but I think I'll skip it.
You can read more about Natio on their Website.


As on 13 June 2017

I was going through all my non-cruelty-free makeup sorting out listed and non-listed makeup products. I cannot find "No animal testing" or "Cruelty-free" mentioned on the packaging. Also, I checked on SaSa, they do have number of stores in Mainland china. So technically, if all the products listed on the websites are sold in China that means Natio is sold in SaSa stores (through online retailers perhaps third party retailers) in Mainland China as well.
Here is the link:

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