Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cruelty Free Makeup in India: Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner Review

I took longer than usual to sense the pros and cons of the Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner.
Not that late, when it is time to repurchase this with a surprising verdict. I am mentioning how I prefer using the curved eyeliner and a reason my hopes are dashed. I would not wantonly call this a copy of NYX Cosmetics The Curve Liner, though I wanted it at some point.
The curve control kept me consumed all these months, I kept ciphering the ways. But once the control puzzle was resolved, I learnt a wondrous trick.

Cruelty Free Makeup in India: Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner Review

Uses: 20 times or more.
The tip is moderately flexible and pointy.
Cruelty-Free Status: Cruelty-Free
Price: 725 INR

Cruelty Free Makeup in India: Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner Review

I refrain Tight lining with Gel eyeliner because most of the time, it glides down on my contacts blurring my vision. And I found my perfect tight liner. I tight line: Upwards to inwards. I prefer drawing a thin line close to my lash line. The gaps are filled without any residue to glide down with moisture.

The Curve is assistance if you cannot apply eyeliner or you cannot draw straight/fine lines. You have to hold this as you intent to draw your lines by resting the tip on your eyelids horizontally. And redo till you get your desired stroke/line. This is what precisely the straight tip and the curve combination deliver. [I figured!]
I have tried the same method with Maybelline pen eyeliner, but that is effortful since either your fingers or pen intermediates the vision.

Cruelty Free Makeup in India: Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner Review
Tightline & Lined with Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner

Feline flicks and Winged eyeliner application becomes plain sailing. I rest this in an angle I want to wing out and then slowly draw inwards. The degree of the angle depends on the drama I fancy.
Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner stays on until you remove it off with a cleanser or makeup remover. It strikingly does stay unaffected through rain, humidity and sweat, unless you rub it off.

Cruelty Free Makeup in India: Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner Review
Eyeliner following my natural lid curve & Winged with Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner

What displeases me is the quantity and the finish. I have loved Maybelline Gel eyeliner and I do not want to repurchase it. I miss the gel eyeliner finish with this. The texture is liquiform and wets the skin surface on application, almost like a liquid eyeliner. It turns out glossier and the glossiness builds with layering. I prefer matte or gel finishes in the morning and daylight.
0.4 ml for 725 INR, Definitely EXPENSIVE!

To conclude, I use Lotus Colorkick Curved Liquid Eye Liner for Tight lining; No eyeliner look and when I fancy effortless even winged eyeliner. And to top off my brainwork, I would repurchase this but not before I check out Kryolan Gel Eyeliners.
[The only decent Cruelty-free and probably Vegan eyeliner in India, I must mention]

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Airtel 4G Sim just a Tweet away: Get your AIRTEL 4G sim by tweeting #GetAirtel4G

In the world of Technology and a social lifestyle that requires virtual connections, one cannot be slow paced. Because Life is fast paced like an action movie, a slow connection equals being dead.
I multitask a lot more than required being a lifestyle and beauty blogger. But I dislike wasting time for waiting to load the website and videos. My Wi-Fi connection is a waste which never connects when I have to work. But when I am out, my 3G connection doesn’t work well with my patience.
Imagine you are Youtube-ing something and the amount of time, it streams losing patience and interest at once.
Frustrating isn’t it?

I relieved a sigh when I read Airtel is launching 4G in India covering 296 towns. I am a user myself, so I am waiting to switch to 4G as soon as I can.

So How do you get your own AIRTEL 4G Connection?
So if you already own a 4G handset, here is greatest news of all. Airtel now offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service. All you have to do is: Tweet #GetAirtel4G and you get your 4G SIM delivered to your home free of cost. Isn’t this praiseworthy of Airtel for being so consumer-friendly?

How and where do you Tweet?
Tweet #GetAirtel4G to @AirtelIndia.
Then @AirtelIndia would reply you a link directing to you to fill in your address or personal details with regards of 4G SIM delivery.
That’s all you have to do to get your Airtel 4G SIM. So if you already have a 4G handset, go ahead to get your 4G SIM delivered at your doorsteps.

Yesterday I insisted one of my friends to switch to Airtel 4G and asked him to follow the steps I mentioned above. And to our surprise his Airtel 4G SIM arrived at his doorsteps in less than 4 hours!
AirtelIndia’s 4G SIM delivery seems just like their 4G service: speedy and rapid.
Go Tweet and Get your rapid Airtel 4G SIM in a jiffy.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Facewash and Multi Action Fairness Cream Review: #7DayGarnierChallenge

Product is sent by PR.

My ties with Garnier White Complete Facewash were incessant until my mother switched her Hair colour brand. These tubes would always come handy while traveling or while I would run out of my cleanser, always free with some or the other product.
I have used both the Face wash and Cream in the past. But Garnier claims White Complete Speed White to be Our Best Ever Formula (sic). I am also listing out how this formula is different from the previous ones I have used in the past.

Usage: 7 Days (6 nights)

Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Facewash (sigh).
The consistency is creamier than before and fragrance is refreshing and a zing of citrus (quite strong). Indeed a Squeaky clean skin feeling post the usage without stretchy feel.
The major difference I would say would be the consistency and fragrance. Though it instantly brightens the skin, but the brightness is dismally impermanent.

Garnier White Complete Speed White Multi Action Fairness Cream.
There is a mammoth dissemblance in the New Formula and Old. The old formula left an oily residue, fence-sit to absorb (at all) and left a white cast. And the old formula would cause redness on my cheeks if used during day. So I astutely used it only at night, I followed the same with the new formula as well. I used it as my night cream for 6 nights after cleansing/toning.
The texture is improved and has shifted gears from Greasy to Featherweight. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be foamy and effervescent: it is that light. The new formula absorbs instantly though the white cast is inescapable. The fragrance matches the face wash, Citrusy but bitterer. (I wonder why)
Also the fragrance lingers for quite some time. And the skin does appear bright noticeably but nothing dramatic. This makes a light hydrating moisturizer for Combination skin. Even though this contain high amount of Stearic Acid, I had no acne issue because of Garnier White Complete Cream since it contains Benzyl Salicylate.

The Fairness Counter claim.
It would be imbecilic of me if I tell you my skin is fairer than before But more imbecilic of you than me If you would actually believe it.
The verity is that this would only even out your skin tone and get rid of acne scars (fading). With regular use this may get rid of your tan and restore YOUR Natural Fairness (skin tone). And the Brightness would last as long as you use this duo.

Cruelty Free Status: Non Cruelty Free.
Price for Garnier White Complete Speed White Fairness Facewash: 145 INR for 100grams
Price for Garnier White Complete Speed White Multi Action Fairness Cream: 160 INR for 40grams

I wish this Range included Night Repair Creme/ Cream and Serum that would work best for oily skin.
You have to try it to see if this New Formula suits your needs. (Even skin tone and Rapid acceleration of fading scars)
Claim your Sample of the new improved Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream HERE
After you Claim your Sample, You need to Comment with your experience below.
You can independently share your product experience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ( check my sidebar for my respective handles) by Tagging Makeup Discourse & Garnier India with the hashtag #7DayGarnierChallenge.
One of you stands a chance to win a Garnier Gift Hamper (Hair and Skin). The Lucky commenter will be chosen by Garnier India.

Goodluck! =)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash Review

Every year with slightest change in the weather, I battle with Cystic Acne. So if you would sum up, it would be four times a year. Last year, Sebamed and Cetaphil Cleansers helped along with prescription medicines.
That was the first time I consulted a dermatologist, since the condition was severe. This time there were just few I had to battle with and the dystopia was I woke up with atleast one every morning. Thankfully the clearing phase has begun.
So out of curiosity I bought this small bottle of Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Facewash which claims to Fight Oil & Pimple Germs (sic).

How long & how did I use Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash?
I used Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash for exactly four weeks, twice or thrice a day. I used almost 70% of the quantity.

My experience with Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash:

I have never reviewed a Face wash before; this one is with an intent. The instant results are squeaky clean face but with an oily-combination skin, the stretchy feel is unavoidable. After the morning cleansing routine, I find my face oily in just few minutes. But it does give a glow to my face because of Benzyl Salicylate & Salicylic Acid. I have been suffering from Pustules & Cystic Acne simultaneously, after using this I can see major difference in disappearance of Pustules. But I don’t see any difference in the clogged pores or Cystic acne.
To conclude, Garnier Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash will work for Acne Pustules which are less severe than Cystic Acne. I don’t see this working for Cystic Acne or Oily skin in terms of fighting oil & germs. Following with a moisturizer is indispensable; it tends to dry out certain areas of my face.

Cruelty-Free Status: Not Cruelty Free.

Price: 60INR for 50 grams

I would recommend this to anybody who suffers from occasional Acne or Acne pustules and nothing severe. I would not repurchase this though.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kama Ayurveda Store in Bandra: Details, Pictures and a bitsy Haul

Whenever I am in or around Bandra, I often make it a point to visit Kryolan’s Flagship store. So last time, when I was in Bandra, I hurriedly checked Kryolan and forgot visiting the Kama Ayurveda store, which is exactly opposite to Häagen-Dazs. So yesterday, I felt a little misplaced (perhaps, something I wanted was out of stock) and chaotic, not to mention, then I saw this warm, lit store and everything just settled down.

Where to find Kama Ayurveda Products in Mumbai?
Buy Kama Ayurveda Products in Mumbai

The store is unusually uncomplicated, well-lit and the place smelled of herbs, strong-smelling herbs. The shelves are adorned with all the products that are categorised perfectly. Shelves organised with skin brightening products, concocted oils and others with hair, body and gift boxes—neat, was all I could think. My mind was in a temporary truce with the ambience and behold, I told myself.

Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Urea Free, Propylene Glycol Free,Ayurvedic Products in Mumbai

I was basically occupied in looking for things, I saw on their website. But I forgot all that I wanted. So, I randomly picked up things to try.

Cruelty Free Brands in India, Kama AyurvedaParaben Free brands in Mumbai

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi miraculous fluid was the first thing I smelt and applied on my wrist. My skin then was peculiarly dry and flaky with the cystic acne medication. I wanted something gentle and  Jasmine & Rose cleanser fit the requirement. I am currently using a mixture of Argan oil and Grapeseed oil as PM facial oil. I narrowed down to Nalpamaradi from Jwalini and Kumkumadi to treat my body tan.
SA gave me three tester samples of Kumkumadi night cream, Kumkumadi face scrub and Lavanya natural plant mask
Natural products do take a while to show results.

Kumkumadi Brightening Night Cream, Kumkumadi Brightening Face Scrub, Lavanya Natural Plant Mask, Nalpamaradi Thailam Oil, Rose and Jasmine face cleanser100% Natural and Cruelty Free Brands in India, Vegan Brands in India

Why I picked Kama Ayurveda products:

~ Cruelty Free
~ Organic Certification from Ecocert, India Organic and USDA Organic
~ No petrochemicals, parabens, urea, propylene glycol or sulphates (sic)
~ Vegetarian Products
~In the booklet I am provided with has mentioned the percentile of naturalism in their products. I liked their transparency even with regard to their ingredient list.
But I could not find the ingredient list on Nalpamaradi oil. I would preferably drop an enquiry
If the brand was a person, I would describe it as humble, kind, and luxurious (partly antithetical, I know).

I also noticed that not all of their gift boxes are for sale on their website. There were different variants at the store than listed on their website.

I am waiting to empty my skincare, shampoos and Oils. But I am hankering to try Kumkumadi serum and Lavender & Patchouli shower gel.

I am not affiliated to the mentioned brand. The products are bought by my own money.