Wisdom entangled in Infancy with Kellogg's Chocos: Khulgaya Bachpan

Sunday, July 05, 2015

This Friday we had a very special guest to stay with us. Rashmi, seven and studying in second grade. Her parents are away for the weekend and we will be looking after her for a while. Rashmi is quite unreserved and brilliant as a seven year old. She reads aloud Mathematical tables from One to Twenty like a song and while doing so, her speech is crisp and correct. Like all current generation kids, she has the habit of playing game on cellphone. And she keeps talking about these games to me while she is still concentrating on her game. All I can do is look at her and yawn. I am not much of a multi-tasker, I can barely do a thing right at once. So when I see a kid one fourth of my age, juggling with her concentration on her favourite game and her speech, I am all confident to learn something from her while she is here. And the walls are chirping with her cherubic giggles and laughs. There is a different kind of warmth here.
So today we woke up a little late to have nice crispy dosas for breakfast. Rashmi sat her bowl of Chocos and Milk, She swirled a piece of dosa in the bowl and ate it. She probably did not like the combination but it was so enthusiastic of her to try something new. The curiosity of things, everything, doing things, learning things and mostly accepting them was brimming in her. It has been just two days and she is already as good as a part of family. She runs around the house, goes through my drawers and demands for my t-shirt to sleep in. My parents let her do things not because they don't like what she does but her actions are out of interest. She sat this afternoon beside me, replicating my posture and actions; with a book and began reading aloud. And when she couldn't spell something right she wasn't hesitant to ask me the right pronunciation. That little girl is so energetic, my mother got her talking about things she likes and unlike me she sat down with her shelling peas for lunch. After a while she got tired and slept for an hour, that hour was upsetting and quiet for us. And when she woke up, we had our lunch and took her out for shopping. And she snacked on Chocos when she was hungry on our way. And it will be just few hours and we will drop her at her place.
I would refrain comparing the age we grew up and today, but I am startled at the current generation kids. The hyper activeness, the fearlessness, the hardest part of acceptance and being modest yet resolute and the curiosity; all these reminds me so much of my teenage.

Perhaps, everything has changed with time but the innocence and cherubic mischievousness is still uninterrupted. And these all lead to what we call a great Parent-Kid bonding. Don't you agree?
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