D-I-Y Rose Petal Facemask

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I bought these bunch of Roses last evening, to treat myself with Rose-ful soothness. I came up with this with just an experiment. I have Combination/Normal skin and thus it suits me better. I have mild rosacea as well which blooms more in winter than summer.
Here is the quick Recipe!

Handful of Red Rose Petals.
3 Tablespoon Oatmeal (grounded)
2 Tablespoon Honey
1/2 Tablespoon Vegetable Glycerine
2-3 Drops of Jojoba Oil
2-3 drops of Rose essential Oil.

Blend Rose Petals and Oatmeal, donot add water. It will form a lump or ball of mixture. Transfer the mixture to a clean bowl and add Honey, Glycerine, Jojoba and Rose essential oil.
The consistency will resemble to cake mixture: Lumpy and gooey!
And there you are, waiting for it to cover your face. :P

Rose Petals Facepack for all skin types, Sunburn remedy

Rose is anti-inflammatory in nature and help in reducing the redness from irritated or over-heated skin.
It clears impurities and clogged pores whilst working as toner for skin. It soothes and calms skin in summer, which for me is much needed.
Glycerine, Honey  and Jojoba will work as Natural moisturizers and Oatmeal will scrub off dead cells.

This is not a mask to be used to get rid of the Suntan but to soothe skin from the heat. So I 've made a batch that will last me for a week, stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator ;)

P.S: The Stored mask in the refrigerator turned lumpy with the amount of Oatmeal in it, You can decrease the amount or use fullers earth, if your headache is Oily skin.

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  1. luvly one :) Will try this soon:)

  2. Nice post pranali..will definitely try it...thanks for sharing with us :)


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