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Friday, December 21, 2012

Decembers never made me walk over the air, until now!

I dislike Decembers for more reasons I wish to mention. But the year 2012 turned out exceptionally jubilant for me. I have had total turns in my real life, started off with second semester, got to know someone better and then the series of luck I've had with a contest and giveaways.
Moreover, I'm on a lecture bunking spree and believe me, I wasn't insane and crazy before, not like this.

Cafe Coffee Day & Cafe V are the joints we sit for 6 hours at stretch, reading and sipping coffee. I think I should attend lectures now *wink* much of too much.

       Tej, SG & Me at Gateway.

And then I met Tej and SG (Shourima Ghosh) of makeup fashion and everything i like.
I asked Tej to get me Vaseline Pink Bubbly LE & Carmex. I have that thing for Lip balms :)
But then Tej surprised me with her gifts, I didn't expect.

     Vaseline Pink Bubbly & Carmex. I couldn't think of anything than balms.

W7 Eyeshadow quad
W7 glitter eyeliner
MUA Lipgloss shade no4
MUA Quake in Shiver.
And so much of these Dufor Big Frut.

We met at Colaba, SG and Tej went hopping over the stalls going gaga over all the 'shiny' new things.
Snacked at Cafe Leopold and went all the way to Gateway. And refreshed at CCD and then I left home while they were off to Juhu beach.

Me and Samar. :)

SG & Samar. :)

Samar, in fact is such a calm baby and do I have to mention 'Cute'?
SG is a Teddy bear, has chubby cheeks I'm envious of.
& Tej wouldn't stop talking and is bubbly and has enthusiastic persona.
I played the muted and calmed part since I didn't want them to freak out. :P
And the Rest see for yourselves.

And I have 9 more days for December to amaze me.
I have my own story of  "I don't have blogger friends". :D :D I can't complain now. :)
I'm off to making my Resolutions, I need so much of improvement, really :P

Thankoooz (Thank you ,my style ;) ) Tej & SG for your Company and precious time.
See you soon SG ;)


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  1. That's a wonderful meet up and u got lovely stuffs dear :)

  2. This was more interesting and detailed than the pics I saw in the FB album and I loved reading every bit of your meeting :)Great way to mark it as a permanent impression down the memory lane!

  3. Wow so many goodies...:) Lovely pics :)


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