Oatmeal and Rose Petal Scrub Soap ~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Do-It-Yourself Fragrant Bar which is just an accidental by-product of my curiosity for versions of soap making. It was difficult to find clear glycerine bars; hence I used whatever was already available to me. But I am sure with proper base bar, this would produce amazing bars.

DIY Oatmeal and Rose Petals scrub bar.
I whole Glycerine Bar (I used Pears gentle cleansing bar)
1 Tbsp Glycerine
1Tbsp Honey
5-6 drops Rose essential Oil
A Handful of Rose petals

¼ cup Oatmeal (powdered for exfoliation, I used whole oatmeal which turned out to be unbinding the mixture)

•    Double boil method: Melt Glycerine bar till it is completely liquid.
•    Remove from the flame and add Oatmeal and bind it using cut and fold method, add honey and glycerine.
•    Fold the mixture nicely, till it is Moderate thick mixture. If it forms foam add more oatmeal to bind it properly.
•    Add Petals and Essential oil.
•    Grease a vessel or mold and pour the mixture, leave it to set for 24 hours. Un-mold the soap and enjoy the mild Exfoliation and hydration.
•    I keep on trying and experiment with lots of other ingredients.
•    You can use dry rose petals powder too, Basil powder or mint leaf powder if suffer from Acne.
The bar exfoliates and moisturize as well with Honey, Glycerine and Rose essential oil as secondary ingredient.

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